Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One more day closer to departure.

Yesterday's Blog

As the comments came in, it became obvious that more folks than I realized had narrow screen laptops and desktop monitors.  And, that there was not a slide bar at the bottom of the screen that allowed for viewing the rest of my tables that held the pictures.

So at first I explained it away with a comment at the bottom, but then that began to work on me, and then Gipsy chimed in that she couldn't see it all either, and she has a fairly new laptop, so that meant it needed changed.

So late afternoon, I went back into Live Writer and changed the table size back to 675 pixels wide, from the previous 900. Then divided up the columns into equal sizes and resized the pictures.  As I reposted, I watched on my 15 inch monitor on the Ubuntu machine. 

I think we have a successful blog post for yesterday now.  So if you couldn't see it all, go back and look again.  But for those on wide screens, it made it a little less impressive.  But you can click on the pictures and they will expand to a full screen height.

That is the problem with wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) programming, because that is not always true.  Better look with several screens and browsers!

Insurance Issues

Enough about that, I am working on redoing the insurance on the motorhome, and have directly challenged my direct write insurance agent to explain why the Escapees and the Good Sams of the world condemn ordinary car insurance for your RV.  Even Geico gets into the act.

He called me back tonight and wanted to know the exact MSRP of the rig and its associated options.  He is working on what the adjusted value would be for a total loss.  Since we are doing stated value insurance, we need to know what the number would be.

The thing that some of the companies are doing is providing replacement cost insurance in case of a total loss.  If five years or newer.  Total it and they will buy you a comparable new one.  My direct write agent says they simply don't offer that coverage from his company. Many of the other reasons to buy from Poliseek and the others seems to be centered around full timers that do not otherwise have a homeowners policy to back stop the liability issues.

Also the homeowners covers the contents of the RV in a total loss.  So I am learning, and the agent is having to do his homework to underwrite me this time.  I'll continue to report on these findings as I learn more.

One other thing I did today, was to order a Surge Guard 50 Amp power protector.  This is a bit expensive, and I have known that I needed one since I started back into RV ing.  After reading Ellie and Jim's blog about their electric pedestal burning up with arching and popping as it slowly fried itself, I can't put it off any longer.

Yes and after talking with the insurance agent, and him saying that a power pedestal that burns up is a maintenance issue not and insurance issue.  If it is lightening in a storm that causes a surge that burns up the electronics, your covered.  But the wiring burning up on a hot day because it is old or not up to the job of way too many AC units running, that's maintenance!  The insurance company doesn't cover your starter motor when a bad battery causes it to fail.

Since we can't all stay in perfectly maintained parks, the surge protector seems like really cheap insurance.  At least I'll sleep better.  I bought it from Camping World and hope that it ships in time for us to take it with us to Colorado.

Do you folks have these surge protectors? Yes Al, I know you are never plugged in, but its summer now.

I've gone on here long enough!

Retired Rod


  1. I could see everything just fine yesterday on my computer, but it still looks good to me today. :)

  2. Rod, your blog is now back to it's normal display mode on my skinny Dell Latitude 15.5 screen, Thanks for the correction information also It is going into my Live Writer notes,now if i could just get the new Beta to install.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  3. Definitely going to check with our insurance company on that one! Thanks for the tip...

  4. Blog looking good today!

    In a year and a half of fulltiming I never did get the surge protector, but it was something I always worried about and knew I should do. Insurance companies are minefields, in my estimation.

  5. We have the surge protector and it really gives us a peace of mind.

    We'll check on our insurance as well. Thanks for the heads up!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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