Saturday, July 17, 2010

More of the same

I was up at 7 AM this morning, as I just had to mow the lawn.  Or so I was informed by leadership.  The garbage truck had arrived and banged their packer truck and crushed everything several times.

I surmised that no one could be asleep now, so I started the John Deere about 7:30.  It was about 85 by then, but it still felt much cooler than yesterday.  Of course it was humid, and the hot riding lawnmower made me hot fairly quickly.

It almost seemed cooler when I began to trim with the walk behind Lawn Boy.  But of course after a little bit of the trimming, I really got hot and had to quit for a while.  By about 10:30 we had made the 90's again.  I finished and put it all away in the garage.

We had to go after the Camry, as the bumper cover had been painted and was finished yesterday.  They called right at 5 PM when the traffic was at a peak for us to come and get it.  I called and explained that we were at least 45 minutes away in the evening rush hour.  And of course I was washing on the motorhome and didn't want to go anyway, so they agreed to keep it over night.

It was after noon when I got home.  Since I had been out side all day yesterday in the heat, today I loafed around inside and messed with the computer.  After reading all the blogs about voice recorders by Al of the Bayfield Bunch and Gypsy of on the Road, and Rick up in BC, I had to mess with my Blackberry phone and its recorder.

I spent a good share of the afternoon deciding what software it took to play the Blackberry file on the Windows 7 PC.  Windows media player turned up its nose at the file, stating that it had never heard of such a thing.

Rick and I up in BC got to exchanging Email and messing with the files, but determined that both Real Player and Quick Time from Apple would play the sound files from the Blackberry.  Rick sent me a sound file from the itouch, and it played on the windows 7 machine and the blackberry.

So not only can you use these voice recorders to make notes to yourself, you can email the files to others if you want to explain things by voice rather than type a lengthy email.  That is rather cool!

Boy speaking of cool, we had a cool front come thru here and cool us off about 6 PM.  It rained in sheets, covering the windows with water so hard that it was impossible to see out.  The wind blew branches out of trees all around us.

So tonight it is 74 outside, but with all the rain it is a dripping wet 85 % humidity.  But the AC is off for a while!  I'm sure that will change in the morning.

Retired Rod

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  1. Who knows, Rod? Maybe we'll end up with talking blogs before long! That was an interesting little exercise this afternoon and I agree that sending a "voice recording" is going to come in handy once in a while!


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