Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Messin with Live Writer Beta

We again saw 40C or 104 on the back wall thermometer today.  I’ve decided to quit bit---n about it.  Remember last winter when it snowed a ton while we were here at Christmas.  I’d have traded all the 40C weather I could get about then.  LOL

But that said, I didn’t start the scooter all day.  Not even tonight.  I went out to the garage about 8PM and it was still sweltering, so I got the car key and left.  I had gone out for a Wendy’s about 2 in the afternoon, and took the car then too.  Boy that first little while when the AC is blowing its dragon breath is worse than the scooter!

The most important thing I did today was read Rick’s Blog!  He wrote about Live Writer, and the beta version that is out.  In his post he explains a lot of what he has learned and gives the link to download the new software.  At the end he recommends the new software and says he is not going back!

Well if Rick thinks its great, that’s enough for me, so I downloaded it.  And I am writing with it as I post this. I think it is a keeper!  Go get it! You can figure it out! It’s a lot better with pictures!

DSCN1339 DSCN1340
DSCN1343 DSCN1341
DSCN1342 These pictures are taken at Helen Keller’s girlhood home, Ivy Green, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. We stopped there one afternoon when we were down there to get the RV serviced.  It was late and they had closed the house up.  The caretaker was waiting at the gate for us to leave, but I didn’t know it.  I was walking around taking these pictures.  But since we didn’t get to actually go in, I never reported on it.

To read more about Helen Keller’s Birth Home,

click HERE.

I have inserted these pictures into a simple table, and edited them to size so they can be displayed side by side. It will be too wide for a narrow monitor, but I am hoping that most of you have the wider screen.  If not you may have to use your scroll slide at the bottom.  As Rick has reported, you can set up your photos as you like them and then set that default as your standard upload.  I have used a little different background than Rick picked, and added the watermark.  It stored it as a default and added it to everything from that point on, without me going back and doing it over and over!   Sold!!!!

One thing to remember, is that this is a complete update of windows live, and if you use live mail or any of the other live programs, you will get the entire update.  So if your partial to the email you have now………… Your mileage may vary.

I am not trying to steal Rick’s fine post on this program and its use, please go read his blog if you haven’t done so already and download the program.  In about 10 minutes you will wonder where this has been all your life!

We are still talking about Colorado, and it looks like it should be a go!  First, we have to go back to the lake and secure everything there for while we are gone.  We also need to see if the woodpecker has knocked the humming bird feeder for a loop!


Give this new version a try, even if you gave up on the old software, it is new and fresh and should be easier to understand.  You can ask questions of Rick or myself, and I will attempt to answer.  Rick is much better at software training, but for simple things, I can answer too.


Retired Rod

P. S. As much as it pains me, I came back and reformatted this for the narrow screen folks!!!

Click on any photo and get the full screen view.


  1. Hey Rod, keep up the great work! You've done a terrific job here with LW and I like the way you setup your pics in those tables, they look really good.

    Nice catch on the Watermarks too, I haven't used them so when I looked at the new version, it seemed pretty much the same. But, as you've noted, those settings are saved as defaults as well!

    I'm still debating whether to hide the "Ribbon" and just show the "Quick Access Toolbar" or to show both. Right now, I'm just displaying the Quick Access Toolbar as it's so simple - I'll probably just stick with it.

  2. Hi Rod,
    I did read Rick's post yesterday, and I was still thinking about downloading it. But now that it has gotten two thumbs up, I guess I should go ahead and do it! :) By the way, I love your pictures - that new camera you bought is on our Christmas list. :)

  3. Hey Rod,at least on my laptop, I lose about half of the right picture and some of the text at the top where the double pictures are. I don't have a scroll slider appear so there is no way to move the screen, don't know if it is just my laptop or what, the only other blog thtat does that too, is Travels withe Emma. Let me know if you know a fix. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  4. Because of the wide tables, it forces the screen to display them as they were designed. So if your computer is narrow, they will not appear on the right side. I thought it would give you a scroll bar, but as I look at it on my narrow monitor, it did not!!! So see I have much to learn here too.
    But that is the fun of this blogging and html code. Much to learn and never totally proficient!!!!!

  5. My laptop monitor didn't pick everything up either.

  6. OK, I,ll reformat this for the smaller screen folks!!!

  7. I still can't see all of the right hand photos but I have a very small screen on my Mac. I can see most of it though. When I post side by sides I select the small size on the blogger photo screen (no Livewriter for Mac,I don't think, haven't checked)and that seems to work.

    I don't do side by side often as I'm too lazy!


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