Thursday, July 22, 2010

Riding out in the Country

Since we are going to be gone for several weeks,  today was overdose on the Burgman day.  I headed out about 1:30 and rode to the storage lot to look in the motorhome and see how the storm last night did with its blowing wind driven rain.

I just barely squeaked by on that one.  It was sprinkling BIG drops as I ducked into the garage with the motor bike last night. Big blotches on the front screen of my helmet!  And it rained for most of the night, off and on.  Still wet today until about noon.

But no leaks were apparent, so that is good.  From there, I rode off to the South down Metcalf Ave. As I got to Stillwell a small burg out of our area here, I found a storage place that I didn’t know about.  Not locked or fenced, but the folks live right on the property.  Hmmmm…….

From there I rode down to Rutlander, the even smaller burg that I was looking for several days ago.  This is another  Camp Ground locally here to KC.  Rutlander Outpost, RV Park.  We have very few so I wanted to check it out.


This is more than a Campground, it is a country music theater, and an outpost shop, and a church and a bunch of other stuff.  There is a big line of buildings. But I didn’t take a picture of all of them as they were mostly empty and unused.

Here is the campground from the back fence in a panographic  picture.


Its your basic gravel and grass full hookup park.  No amenities except the country music show on Saturday night.  They do have a small restaurant in the show building.  But I didn’t go in to check it out.

But they do get entertainment from Branson, Mo. and some of it is names that are recognizable.

This was an antique shop, I think.


So if you were out here on a Saturday night, and you had no other plans…..  But you have to like Country Music!

Recognizable? Well, maybe not.

From there I rode over to Paola, Ks about 10 miles to the West.  I was getting hot by then, as  it was 95 or so outside.  Not 102 or some of the nasty numbers we have been having, mind you, but still hot unless you are going 60.  And I was.

Lunch at Micky D’s with a big glass for ice cold diet pop!  And the AC was on inside the dining room. Not nirvana but close. LOL.

From there I rode back to Spring Hill and the motorcycle shop PowerSports4Less.  I hadn’t been there since the day of the group ride back in June.  I tried on expensive helmets, and gloves, but ended up just buying a throttle device to keep your hand from cramping. 

The owner had a new Can Am Spyder, the big one!  It’s a front wheel trike, and blue just like the picture. So we had to go ogle over that.  It costs $25K!!!  He really needs to sell more helmets, I think!!! LOL.


By that time it was after 4PM and I knew that the girls would be waking from their nap.  We had the 5 year old over to swim with grandma this morning, so they get tired. 

Tonight the Burgman is put up for a while.  And we will be taking grandkids to the lake for this weekend.  Hated to miss the big show down in Rutland, but I guess there will be others that will make it!

Retired Rod


  1. That Can Am Spyder reminds me of the old Studebakers years ago. Hart to tell the front from the back when meeting them on the highway. Another blogger site I look at are Burgman people as well & they had a Burgman pic here a few days ago...

    Did you know Rick out in Cowichan Bay is also a Burgman person. He talks about it today in his post. He's a Cheeseburgman:))

  2. Al's right - I'm definitely a "cheeseburgman" - with onions too!! Quite the interesting ride, Rod, thanks for taking us along with you!

  3. There were 5 of those motorcycles travelling together in the campground we stayed at last weekend.

    We see a number pass through here on their way to do the Alaska trip.

    They are lovely!

  4. Rutlander looks like my kind of campground! Didn't look too crowded, and I would enjoy the country music.


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