Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too Hot and the storage place..

For some reason blogger never posted this last night!  The dates and times looked right, so who knows?  Anyway I just caught it, and posted again.

It was a scorcher here in KC today.  I knew it was going to be hot, when at 10AM it was already 93.  One of our neighbors was out mowing his lawn at 7AM this morning, so he must have known today was going to be a hot one!

I generally leave the lawn long on these hot days, as it tends to protect itself a bit.  We need to be mowing sometime soon, but that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

I did pull on my cycle pants and mesh jacket for a ride over to the barber shop.  It is about 8 miles over, and I was full of perspiration when I arrived.  Temp was 95.  But the shop had the air going and I lost the bike pants while there.

Once I got back home, it showed 97 on the electronic weather station, and the old fashioned needle pointer was almost at 100.  Time to stay inside!  Somewhere in there, my eyelids got heavy for a few minutes.

By four PM it was back to 96 so I headed out on the bike again to go and discuss the arrangements for our RV parking with the man at the storage lot.  A second trip, as the first time ended in me becoming upset, and nothing was being solved, and I left.  That was Monday.

Today the assistant was there, and he rides a motorcycle.  I walked in, and he asked if I was out on a cruise!  We talked bikes and didn't get to why I was there for about 10 minutes.

They had upped the rent by $6, and I had paid the old rate automatically with the bill paying service.  Realizing the problem, I ordered a second check for the $6 a few days later. They haven't given me credit for the additional second payment, and have disabled my gate code because of non payment.  The motorhome is held hostage!  I can't get anywhere near it.  The manager said he would let me in, but that the motorhome  couldn't leave.

Now this fellow was way more understanding, and said "Over 6 bucks?"  "That's bullsh-t!"  So he immediately reactivated my code, and told me how to get in if they cancelled his reactivation!  Now there you go!  Just because I rode up on a bike!

I do hope they get the second check, and we can be done with this problem, but until then the manager is to be back tomorrow, and he thinks I am locked out.  Loyce wants some stuff out of the coach, so maybe it will be right in front of him.

Fun will be had by all!!!!   How do I get into this stuff?

Retired Rod

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