Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting stuff done!

I can't help but wonder, what I can write about, on a night after working all day.  As usual, the heat has returned, and it zaps the strength right out of me.

I knew that it was to be hot again, so I was outside with the lawn mower at 7:30 this morning.  I ran the push mower first, trimming the entire yard before the sun cranked up the heat.   But as I was zooming around on the riding tractor, my hat began to drip.  I needed to get this over with and fairly soon.

But that didn't happen, as the weed wacker had its turn next.  My shirt was soaked.  I couldn't stop though because the motorhome was next on the list.  I had to go get it.

As you know it is mostly black, or so dark blue it looks black.  It was 120 inside when I got there.  About all you can do is put the dash air on your face, and grin and bear it.  I have the defroster fans turned around facing the driver, but all they blow is hot air.

We have a problem out here in suburbia that none of the gas stations have diesel fuel.  We drove for miles with the car one night before we located a Phillips-Conoco quick stop about 2 miles away that has one pump.  Once driving the rig, I headed there to fill it up.  It was only down about 20 gallons at $2.79.  I got into the station and filled without parking lot issues.  Their business was slow and that made it better for me.  The motor home is so long that it covers three sets of pumps in order to have the gas door in the back next to the diesel hose.

The rig sat out in front of the house for the afternoon as I thought of stuff to put in and take out.  It was 96 degrees when I was out checking the tires for air pressure.  They were all OK, but it has been months since they were checked.  Had to dash back into the AC after that little exercise.

As the sun was setting, I drove it back to the storage lot and turned on the LP fridge.  Perhaps it will cool itself off during the night when the sun isn't so hot.

So tonight I am sitting here wondering what I should have  done that was forgotten.  But then that is what tomorrow is for!

We are heading for Colorado Springs with our kids and grandkids for a group camping adventure, but it is still up in the air when we will all make it there.

Its after 10 PM and the digital temperature gauge reads 82 with 84 percent humidity, down from 97 degrees this afternoon.  When ever we get there, it won't be soon enough!

Retired Rod

P.S. As of tonight, the word verification for comments is off, and I don't moderate until after it is posted.  If the spammers start to get me, I'll have to go the other way!


  1. Wow, you've been getting slammed with those hot temperatures! You should plan a camping trip up our way in upstate NY - our highs for the next week are supposed to be high 70s and low 80s. We do usually have some hot weather in August though.

  2. We probably take it for granted having our Motor Home parked here at home just outside our door. That must be such a pain having to go back & forth to storage with the rig. And then to have a cranky neighbor taking issue with you parking it on the street or in your driveway doesn't help either. I remember you blogging about that neighbor before. And then to have to do all that running around in sweltering hot weather too. Bummer for sure!!

  3. With a couple of acres of space, we too keep our rig home, it sit's on a pad hooked up to keep the refrigeraot going and the converter charging while it's home, that way we can head out at short notice. Hopefully that will stay that way till we start fulltiming. I had the same as you yesterday, grasscutting in 90plus heat,why didn't it feel this hot when you were younger. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  4. If it is any comfort, it seems that blazing temperatures are everywhere at the moment. We landed in Sidney, NE yesterday, where it peaked somewhere around 94.

  5. Hey Rod, it's way too hot to be working so hard. Sit back and relax a bit, put the A/C on and work on your computer instead!

  6. I will have to try taking off the controls. So far I haven't heard of any problems from those that did...

  7. Sacramento seems to be getting a break in the weather - it has rarely gone above 90 the past few days, but the best part is that it goes down into the 50's overnight and is positively cold in the morning!

  8. Whew! Too hot to be working out there! If you absolutely have to, carry one of those water soaker guns and drench yourself with water when you start feeling that sweat drip down. Bonus is your grouchy neigbor will think you're nuts, and won't mess with you!


  9. Take care in this heat and drink plenty of water.
    Hope you all have a nice, safe trip to Colorado. At least it should be cooler!! Have fun!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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