Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tire and another bike ride.

My tire guy had that new tire all mounted on my wheel when I went back today, and had his employee put it on my car.  Of course they have all the right equipment, and did it in no time.  He had a big torque wrench and set it on 100 ft lbs and started to tighten it but then looked at me to see if I knew how much it took.

I had to admit that I had no idea, so he went and got a big paper back book and looked it up.  The metric converted to 103 ft lbs so his 100 was the right answer all along.

After the $300 charge to my credit card, I was good to go.  Of course that put me in a particularly bad mood!  I hate spending money for stuff that you have no control over.  Type A personality!  I drive my wife nuts.  But perhaps there is some good to a control freak somewhere.........well maybe not.

So I came home and parked the car and hopped on the motorscooter.  It was 95 outside, so all the mesh jackets and pants, while safe make you perspire profusely.  I drove out to the South of town where the roads are country.  I got on US 69 and rode down to Louisburg.  It is 4 lane highway, and has a 70 mph speed limit.  I was only going about 65. The air seems cooler at that speed.

Cars zoom past you like you are the plague!  It was really windy, and as they pass it swirls up even more wind.  Hot wind, as the cars give off an enormous amount of heat at speed.  So I stepped it up to 70 to keep from getting passed so quickly.

Stopped at a rural stop sign!

I was looking for a campground that is down there, but never did find it.  I came home and looked on RV Park reviews and found that I was only a mile or so away.

Tonight I have been working on blogs, trying to catch up with reading.  Seems as though I am always behind.  And I read with great interest, that BP thinks they may have capped the oil well that has been leaking the crude oil out in the gulf.

This would be a major accomplishment if it does indeed work.  They still have to drill a relief well and pump mud and concrete into the broken well to seal it off permanently.  But stopping the flow until that permanent repair can be made is huge for the environment.

Again, the 50 mile bike ride improved my attitude this afternoon, so that is really good.  I almost have 1,200 miles on the clock since the last week in April.  And I really have no where to go with it, except on errands and such.  That's a lot of runs for milk!!

Retired Rod

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  1. $300 is a lot of money to pay just because of an errant nail or screw! Maybe you should get a GPS for your scooter so you can always find what you're looking for?


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