Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fixing the washer and friends

I started into that washing machine in the morning and decided that all I needed to do was lift the case straight up and it came off in one piece.  It went out into the garage.

Now since this machine is here in the lake house and really only gets about 1 months worth of laundry a year, it really doesn't have very much mileage on it.  It is 18 years old but looks very new inside.  But still it is broken.  Poking and prodding didn't find anything wrong with its inner workings.  I couldn't measure anything that didn't work with the volt ohm meter either.

Now that seemed odd, but still it wouldn't spin or drain.  But then I went out and looked at the only electrical piece on the case in the garage.  The door lid switch.  It was broken.  Missing its paddle that the poker piece on the lid moved the switch with.  I found the piece on the floor under the machine.

The long story made short is that I ordered a replacement from Sears Parts Direct on the internet, and I also epoxyed the old piece back onto the switch.  If I can put it back on temporarily to get a few loads out of the way, I'll bring the new piece next time and put it together correctly.  Time will tell.

Of course when we are set to entertain some friends, it must rain on the parade, and it just poured here until mid afternoon.  We did finally get back out on the lake with the pontoon mid afternoon.  We had a nice ride, and then came back for supper.

And where else but up to Bandana's Bar B Cue.  We had a really nice dinner and spent the rest of time catching up in missed gossip. 

So we had a nice day, and didn't spend it all worrying about the broken washing machine.

But it is rumbling outside again tonight so rain will be here again before morning.

Retired Rod


  1. What a lucky break in finding that switch broken, no major reapirs, you can also jump the switch and use it, just remember to turn the master selector switch to the off postiton before opening the hatch. Good job Rod , knew you would figure it out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Nice job on finding the problem with the washer. I'm sure the new switch will do the trick after you install it. Sure a lot better than having to buy a new washer that's for sure. Enjoy the time with your friends at the lake!

  3. Good job of troubleshooting! I would probably have gone out and bought a new washer.

  4. Glad you were able to find the problem and fix the washer. Sure beats buying a new one. Congrats!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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