Saturday, July 10, 2010

Working and the Woodpecker returns

Its always hard for me to know what to write about when we have a work day, and that is what today became.  Not serious work, or hard work, but steady jobs all day long.

I started by using the computer to study some investments, and then had the lengthy chat with the stock broker.  That seemed to take up a lot of the morning, and we didn't really change much, but at least we know where we are.  That is as close to work as I come now days.

So then it was all the odd jobs that I have been putting off.  I went into town for some light bulbs for the landscape lights on the sea wall.  Home Depot has these, and they are a lot like old fashioned flash bulbs from years ago.  They have the little bent wires on the bottom of all glass bulbs. 

Each fixture has to come apart one after another.  I have found that the best way to do this is to stand in the lake and reach up over the wall to take apart first one then the next.  It probably isn't the best thing to do, standing in water, working on electricity, but then it is low voltage.  And I was careful not to contact the little electric sockets.  And I didn't shock myself even once!

This took a good portion of the afternoon, as I replaced all the bulbs.  They burn out, and when one is gone it seems to take out the next one.  So now they are all new.

That required a big swimming session in the lake for about a half hour, as I needed to cool off from being in the sun.  During this swim, I got to talking to the neighbor fellow next door, and lost about an hour somehow.

But next I had to uncover the Jet Ski and go up stairs for a hair dryer.  Every three years the license stickers on Missouri boats need to be replaced.  They are up on June 30, so the hair dryer is used to soften the adhesive without damaging the gel coat.  Next comes the Goo Gone to take off the old sticky stuff left behind.

This is all done over the water, as the ski is sitting on a floating boat lift.  You have to contort yourself into an unnatural position, and when the new stickers went back on, they suffered some about being straight.  Well one side is just crooked.  I could say I was drunk, maybe!

Then it was back into town to get another can of gas and some sta-bil gas treatment.  I always use the stabilizer in the gas for the boats, when I don't know how long it will be until it is used up.  Since I don't ride the ski much anymore, it may sit a while until its gone.

The Kawasaki Jet Ski is quite old, and needs another new battery, but with the help of the battery charger, I managed to get it started this evening.  It had been used over memorial day, so it wasn't that long ago since it was run.  We are quite marveled that a 1995 750 Jet Ski has run without a hitch for all these years.  I think we replaced the plugs once, and have had to clean floating debris out of the impeller numerous times, but other than that!!!!!

I was tired tonight, as I ate my supper here in the house.  But as I watched the bird feeder out the slider, our woodpecker was back. He sits on the perch, and tips the feeder sideways.  The male hummer puffs himself all up and tries to look all mean.  Then he darts right at the woodpecker. 

Well the activity of the hummer didn't impress the woody guy one bit.  He never even moved from the perch.  He just kept on slurping down the nectar.  Then several of the hummers went after him at the same time.  He mostly ignored them.  Finally when he had his fill, he darted off.  Flying across the cove to parts unknown.

If he is going to be a permanent customer, I had better increase the nectar budget!

Retired Rod


  1. I don't even have to get into a contorted pretzel stance to get my stickers on crooked. Just comes natural for me:))

  2. I wish a wood pecker would come to my feeder, so far no hummers either, oh well it was a good idea, maybe if I take the tripod down from in front of the kitchen window that will attract something. Be safe out there and have a fun day at the Lake. Sam & Donna.

  3. We had the same thing happen at Mesa, AZ with the gila woodpeckers on the hummingbird feeder.

  4. I'm surprised to find there is something those hummers can't intimidate. Why not get a 2nd hummingbird feeder and let the woodpecker have at it?

  5. Your post reminds me I need to get our feeders up! Thanks!!


  6. I couldn't tell you what birds eat at our feeders as I've never watched to find out. Someone is feeding there though, because we keep filling it up. You seem to have completed a lot of jobs today - good work!


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