Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Holiday comes to a close.

Since folks are supposed to get a day off on the holiday, today was the day.  But mostly around here is was the day that everyone packed up and left.  All of the folks that have been partying all weekend down in the end of the cove with the live music left.

The new neighbor with the big long boat two doors over LEFT.  He keeps revvvvvving the big motors in his big long old boat.  He can't quite keep them idling  so he is constantly vaarooooommmmmm, varrrrooooommmmm,, and so on.  We sit and shake our head.

Our next door neighbors with the older kids and their kids friends, are dear folks and we lovem to death, but they left too.  And the young kids that are always out on the dock across the cove that blasted the biggest bang firecrackers that I have heard in years, also left.

So some of us old folks that are here and retired and don't have to leave will quietly hold down the fort so to speak. 

I did make a little noise as I rode the red motorscooter up the hill and out to the highway.  I like to put around the other coves to the West of here, looking at nothing in particular.  I didn't go up town, but I'm fairly sure that most of the Biker crowd is gone tonight as well.

But we are here awaiting our dear friends from Des Moines, Rich and Sally.  Rich is one of the guys that I go to Dayton with and another amateur radio operator.  I have known him since 1995 or somewhere in there.  He is also a pilot in his day job.  So he is interesting to talk to, as he has flown all over this country.

They should be arriving for a short visit, as they are on their way back to Des Moines after a cruise that ported out of Texas.

And as usual, right as you are expecting company, the Sears Kenmore washing machine decided to let out a big bang and stop entirely.  We had to let the water out of the tub by lowering the hose into a bucket and dumping it by hand.  I started to take it apart, but couldn't remember how I got the case off the last time it failed.  It is a 1992 model, so perhaps we need to let it rest in peace.

But I didn't need that right when we were expecting company!

Well that's how it usually works!

Retired Rod


  1. Washers have always been a bane to the handyman, At one time I bought a Norge,simply because the water pump and belt were at the very bottom and 3 bolts had the thing changed, it wasn't a bad washer, but it lasted the normal 10-15 years and quit,(motor) so we are back with a whirlpool. Hope you find a cheap replacment, for a summer home I might even try a resale shop. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. My dishwashers always seemed to fail at Christmas when I was expecting people for Christmas dinner.

  3. Too bad about the washing machine, but 18 years is getting on for those things. Glad to hear most of your noisy neighbours have left too.


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