Monday, July 26, 2010

Last day at the lake!

We spent much of the day out on the pontoon again.  But it was overcast when we left, and after anchoring off the shoreline of the local church camp, it began to rain.

The kids didn't care a bit as they were in the lake and wet anyway!  I sat under the bimini top and the rain was foiled.  Well as long as we didn't move anyway.  It kind of let up, and the swimmers were done, so we just idled along.

The sun never did come back out, but the rain subsided enough that we continued our boating trip.  We ended up in our old cove where we sold our former lake home. There have been a number of changes, including a new dock at our old house.  I said hi to one of the old neighbors, but I am sure he didn't know who we were.  We've been gone now for seven years.

Once back on our dock, the demeanor changed into the get ready to leave mode.  Stuff gets put away and the boat is covered.  It was still 5:30 by the time we got on the road.

We are safely back in KC tonight, and our thoughts are turned more toward the upcoming vacation!!

But that's tomorrow's job!

Retired Rod

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