Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday is still Hot!

Again we had temps higher than 100 degrees F.  The needle touched the 40C mark on the inside dial.  We stayed inside, not even opening the door to sample the air.  We already knew it was more than we would be able to stand.

I left the motorcycle in the garage and felt happy to do it.  I very much enjoy riding, but the heat so totally exhausts me that today anyway, I decided it wasn't worth it.

That gives me nothing to report around here except that more magazines are now read, and the computer was studied for much of the afternoon.

I was surprised at having several comments on my passing mention of going to Colorado sometime in the next coming weeks.  We have no reservations, and no itinerary, but the grandkids will stop first to do the Colorado Springs stuff.  We have our sights set on farther West, but may stop and spend a night or so with them on the way.

We all seem to have different ideas of what we would like to do in Colorado.  I'm thinking Black Canyon and Ouray, but I am chicken to drive the motorhome to Silverton.  From there South doesn't look too inviting on the map either.  Have any of you made that trip?

Late tonight I headed out on the bike just to kill cabin fever.  It was close to dark, but the temperature was still in the 90's.  It did seem much cooler with the sun over the horizon.  I went to the store and grabbed a quick sandwich, and was only out about an hour.

So nothing new here, so I'll end on a very laid back Sunday.

Retired Rod


  1. My plans are to drive through Colorado on my way back to CA next November. I will no doubt have trouble with either closed roads due to snow, or ski traffic.

    It should be cooler there, at least if you are at a high enough elevation and among the trees. Good luck.

  2. You sure have to be careful what you write on these blogs as folks pick it up and "it's gospel"! So, you'd better just get on to Colorado as we're all looking forward to seeing lots of pics!

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