Thursday, July 8, 2010

More rain and the washer works.

Our friends were up early, and all packed to head on up to Iowa.  They have been on a Caribbean Cruise, so they were in a hurry to get home. 

So by early morning we were on our own again.  We decided to go out to breakfast, and went to the local Shoney's.  They have the all morning breakfast bar, that has everything.  Needless to say we didn't have any lunch this afternoon.

So back on that washer, I installed the old switch which I had epoxyed together back into the washer.  Loyce and I both struggled to get the case back on the machine, as the sides had to be held in just right to get the latching clamps back in place.  A couple of clamps hold the whole thing together.  It caused some colorfull language to be used in the process.  Oh darn and so forth!

Well before long, we had the washer spinning on about 4 loads of clothes, and I worked really hard while that was taking place,,,,,,ie....nap time!

So not much was accomplished after that.  But I did see it rain from over the top of the computer screen.  Several times.  I kept wanting to go out in the pontoon boat, but every time I looked out it was raining again.

Later tonight we gave up and went back into town for a one dollar Arby roast beef sandwich or two, and a stop by our local meet and greet location.  Wal Mart!!  Seems like we always find our friends there.

Tonight I was sitting out on the screen porch, and watching it rain yet another time at dark, and it felt like I could cut the air with a knife.  I mean steamy humid.  It is only in the mid 80's which is not really hot by Missouri standards, but the air has to be totally saturated with moisture.

We still haven't decided if we will go back to KC any time soon, but the grass is growing, and will need to be mowed one of these days!!

Retired Rod


  1. Shoney's then Arby's! You're killing me. Do not tell me you had pancakes for breakfast, or I will crawl through the screen and beg you for scraps.

    We ate pasta....again.


  2. Were having the same kind of weather here in Dardenne Prairie, bright sun and 90's then a quick thunder shower, then sun, then shower, been doing that all day.The Grandson had been in and out of the swimming pool three times. No reason to worry about the grass for at least two weeks with is heat, unless you puty turf builder on it. I quit that years ago, mine only grows when God tells it to. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. Sitting on a screened porch watching the rain come down sounds pretty nice even if it is steamy hot. Glad to see you got your washer working again.

  4. Fixing the washer and struggling to get it all back together has probaably negated the calories, grams of fat, etc., that you picked up at Shoney's and Arby's!


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