Friday, July 16, 2010

Washing the Motorhome

I knew it was really hot out there when I came inside and it felt like a deep freeze in the house!

This old thermometer is called Acu Rite, but it reads a little warmer than it actually is.  But I about had heat stroke, as I drank a full liter of water in about one swallow.

Hey this one's an Acu Rite too.   But it thinks it is 96 outside, and the humidity is 62 percent.  But the trend of the temperature is UP!!!!  The battery is shot in the wind sensor, and I haven't replaced it so that part of the device is blank.  Gotta love that indoor reading of 75 and 38 percent.

So which one is right?  Who knows, the sensor is about 6 inches away from the analog gauge.  So they should be reading the same thing.  But all I knew was it was way too hot to be washing the motorhome!

It didn't seem all that bad when I started, but the sweat just ran from me.  The coach hadn't been washed in weeks, so it had all those streaks on it that the rain makes.  Had to scrub with the brush on the pole.  Then it comes out all water spotted even though I was using Rain X soap to wash it with.  They advertise no spots.

Ya, Right!  I didn't do much else, other than I went over to Wendy's for a $2.99 burger meal.  I drove the motorhome, as it needs some miles.  The parking lot is the outskirts of Wal-Mart, so I parked and walked back to the restaurant.  I left the generator running and the two roof airs on to try and cool the insides.

By the time it was ready to go back to storage, I was drenched again, and Loyce felt sorry for me and came out and put the power washer and buckets away in the garage.  It seems cleaner anyway.

I also drained the water tank to the bottom.  It ran for about 2 hours, but the little stream is about the size of a pencil.  The tank holds 75 gallons and it must have been fairly full.  I only put about 30 gallons of fresh water back in.  No sense in carrying so much weight around.

Actually I ran a minutes worth of water into a 5 gallon pail.  I judged it as about 3 gallons.  Then I hooked up the hose to the tank, and ran in 10 minutes worth.  Somewhere around 30 gallons.  How do you judge how much water is in your tank?

Tonight I have been reading blogs, and catching up on web site forums that I haven't visited in a while.

Anything, as long as it is in the AC!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. We have a see through frosted plastic water tank & can easily see the water level while filling or at any other time by simply opening the bin door where the tank is located. Very handy.

  2. Rod, it's too hot to work - get back on your scooter and go for a ride!

  3. WOW! I cannot believe you're working in that heat!! I'd literally be melting! I have an idea...check the house out with a magnifying glass. I'm sure you can find some inside project instead!!


  4. Now that is just too hot!! I bet the motorhome looked good but I also bet you were about as wet as the motorhome.
    Stay cool!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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