Saturday, July 3, 2010

Didn’t do it today!

This thing was completely full two weeks ago when we left the lake house.  But they are so tiny, so where did more than a quart of juice go?


We had the best of plans here today, to get the boat cover off and clean stuff up and, and,  and….

So maybe it was the trip to Wal Mart about noon that slowed us down, or the stop at Wendy’s for the $2.99 lunch special.  But for what ever reason, we just sat here and looked at all the people running their big gas sucking boats up and down the lake.

I did go out and take the picture of the lake with the new camera and crop and resize it for the current header picture.  It really isn’t much different than the old picture, but it is current as of today.  The interesting thing is that I loaded it into Picassa, and did the I’m feeling lucky, and it didn’t change anything.

I took feeling lucky back off, not quite believing that it hadn’t done any changes, but after messing around a bit, I just left the picture like it was from the camera.  I cropped it into a wide shot that isn’t tall, and exported it in 900 pixels, which seems to work best for the header.

I usually look at the blog with my old Ubuntu computer and 15 inch monitor.  I know if it fills that screen, that everyone checking in will see it normally. But since I am at the lake, and the old computer is in KC that will be a little hard.   It seems a little small for this bigger monitor, but then it needs to look right on everyone’s screen.

This fellow went by while I was grilling the hamburgers tonight.  I had to run and get the camera!



Since I had never shot any video with the Panasonic, this was shot under fire, so to speak.

We have a local bar and grill called Shady Gator’s that is down the lake about 5 miles, and they have wrapped this boat as an advertisement.  He slowly drives by all our places to remind us that we should really be over at the Gator’s tonight enjoying the entertainment!

We’re not much into the bar scene, but perhaps if we were 20 years younger…………

Retired Rod


  1. That video came out excellant with the new camera, I haven't tried the video yet on my new SX20, maybe because the only HD tv we own is in the bedroom of the trailer. I will take it out maybe later and get a video of a train, that way I can see how the sound is when he blows the horn for the crossing, that is a good test to see if it overwelhms the camera. That Gator boat is a good isea in advertising,money well spent. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Great quality on that camera video Rod. The HD definitely makes a big difference.

  3. OK, just for the reference, I shot the video in ordinary VGA 4x3. I think it is 12mp that makes it better. You tube can take HD but I'm not sure I can display it here on the Windows 7 Laptop. If some knows more please advise.


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