Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

A very laid back and enjoyable Fourth of July here.  We never left the place, but I did go down to the dock and take the cover off of the boat.

Things get all covered with tree pollen here in central Missouri, and I have to pressure wash the big snap tarp that covers the boat every time that I take it off.  Otherwise, when I carefully fold it up, the pollen gets into my eyes and nostrels and then I can't see for about two hours.

We spent some time filling up the humming bird feader, and then putting new zip ties on the metal palm tree that it hangs from.  You know the rope light palm tree that everyone has out on their deck or dock down here.  The UV in the sun does a number on the little ties that hold everything together.

So with the boat uncovered and the palm tree re tied, it was time to get the chicken ready to bar b que.  Or did we smoke it.  I've explained drunk butt chicken before, so that is what we did to it.

Our revelers were still at it when I went to bed at 1 AM last night, but I couldn't hear them too well from the bedroom.  Every once and a while, they had some kind of a horn that they were blowing, but I went to sleep and didn't worry about it.

As I sit here and write this Fireworks are blowing off all over the lake.  I can see several displays right from our screen porch.

Here's hoping you had a wonderful Holiday where ever you are.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Happy 4th Rod! Your fireworks pics turned out great! Seems to be a pretty lively party place down there! I can't remember the last time I was up until 1am - wow!

  2. Great pics of the fireworks, we hit the hay early last night so I didn't get to try out any shots of my own, next time.It was pretty loud around here last night, I'll bet the fireworks companies make a fortune in MO. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Well darn! The only fireworks I got to see this year were on people's blogs!! Thanks for sharing yours :)


  4. Thanks for sharing your fireworks with us. Love that palm tree with the hummingbird feeder...quite neat.
    Happy 4th of July and hope it was a great one.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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