Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another sunny day again

Ya gotta love the desert, since it is a repeat of the same thing almost every day! When the sun comes up, it burns off the early haze and begins to warm.  If there is some clouds at first they also burn away by about 9 AM.

Biscuit always wakes up about 6:30 before the sun comes up.  She wants to begin play almost before she can go potty outside.  But we stand guard and make sure she goes.  Sometimes if we are still tired she gets stuffed back inside her crate.  But today she was much cleaner, so she got to come into our bed for a while.  Of course she wants to play there too, so we are up directly.

This morning, Loyce wanted to go on her morning walk, and I was getting up slowly, so Biscuit found herself in the car carrier for an hour or so.  She whines and cries when her momma leaves, and there is nothing I can do to soothe her.  She just needs to grow up some more.

After the morning routine of showers and breakfast, Loyce declared that we still had dirty laundry, and that she was headed for the  laundry room.  That frees me to read all the blogs and settle into the corner with my political book.  The day was beginning to be warmer, and the lawn chair outside was sunny!

I never did leave the coach, more new neighbors arrived and got set up across the street where some of the earlier folks had left Sunday morning.  I read my book, and watched the neighborhood at the same time.  It got above 70, and the sun was bright!

At one point I ran for a sandwich with the car, for about 30 minutes, when Loyce came back from the Laundry.  Nothing too exciting, as I never even took the cover off of the scooter.

Tonight, the UPS truck brought a fairly cheap watch that I had ordered about two weeks ago.  It is on a bracelet, so that needed to be sized, once I determined that the watch worked and didn't have any manufacturing glitches.  It was assembled in the far East, from Swiss parts, and they require looking over much more carefully.

I can usually change watch bands and straps.  On some of the easier watches, I can change a battery and in this case, I took four links out of the bracelet.  I have a simple tool kit for these projects, and as usual, having the tools is half the battle.

Rick will tease me about what time it is again tomorrow, but I really do know, because it is displayed on the bottom of the Windows 7 screen here on this laptop, LOL!!!  I say that I am not going to purchase any more watches, but then I see a different movement that I don't have or a different color, and I weaken thinking only one more.

Ya Rick, what time is it?

Retired Rod


  1. I think you are going to have to keep a watch on that watch hobby...watcha think eh:))

  2. Any day is a good day for a NEW WATCH!!!

  3. Your weather out there sounds great. We did finally get up to 56* yesterday, but supposed to get warmer today.

  4. We'll have to start calling you the "Watch Man"! On hot days in the desert, it's pretty easy to fall into a pattern of just lying around and reading while trying to stay cool. Nothing wrong with that though.


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