Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Service appointment and discovering another living possibility.

Today was make an appointment at Tiffin Motor Homes day!  Now how can that be?

Tiffin has been trying to come up with a system where everyone gets an equal opportunity to make a service appointment in a reasonable amount of time.  Still first come first serve, but not nearly so far out.  People that have brand new coaches need to be able to get things fixed, and not wait a year to get in.

So what they have decided to do, is to only make appointments one quarter year at a time.  This morning was the time to make appointments for the second quarter of the year, and we want to have things fixed up in April.  In order to make that appointment, we needed to call in exactly at 8 AM central time.  Of course that was 7 AM out here.

They had the appointment manager's voice mail set up to take calls as they came in.   They were returning calls in the proper order making the schedule for next quarters work.  I called, right at 7AM and after several calls I got on the voice mail system.

Then it was try and hold on for a while to see if you get called back.  I tried to chill out, but I don't do the waiting game very well.  But almost like clock work, they called back in a little over an hour, and the result was an appointment in Red Bay, Alabama for Monday the 25th of April.

Seems like that took all morning, but it was only about an hour and a half.  We spent the rest of the morning and some of the early afternoon waiting for the UPS truck, as we had some internet purchases arriving and tracking said they were out for delivery today.

I got tired of waiting around and finally left on the motorscooter.  After some lunch and some driving around, I found a housing project that interested me.  It is a camp much like our RV park, but it is park models that are double wide trailers.  They are made by the same company that makes the regular park models.

The difference is that they are set right on concrete slabs against the desert ground.  No trailer frames or wheels and tires.  So they become permanent sticks and bricks houses once set up.  This housing complex has all the same set up as the RV parks with the common areas and the activities and such, so it is quite interesting.

What troubles us, is that the economy here is sooo depressed that their are almost too many of these units for sale.  So should you purchase one, it would be yours for years to come!!  And you do owe an annual lease payment for the ground under the home, and the park facilities.  Wanna be really sure that it is what you want to do if you jump on board!

It was after dark when we came back home.  I had brought the bike back and Loyce and I went over in the car to check things out.

Still no UPS shipment!  Loyce went walking and I talked on Skype to one of my buddies.  Then as it was almost 9PM, we heard a truck outside, and Loyce thought we were getting a new neighbor late at night.  But no, you guessed it,  the UPS guy was here with the packages.  They must really be behind here in the valley.

So our day was filled with all kinds of things we do, some not as interesting as others, but a long day just the same.

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you had a full day. Can't believe it takes that long to get your rig looked at.

    UPS have always delivered when they want. When I was in business, they were supposed to be there at 11:00am and sometimes it would be 4:00 before they got there.

  2. This new Tiffin system sounds a little better than the old one of waiting for a year.

    Pretty late in the day for UPS to be delivering packages alright but it's good they do it.

  3. After living in a condominium in N. Virginia for 13 years, I swore I would never get myself into paying association or homeowners dues again. If there are lots of vacant units, the park can raise the rates of those who are there just to cover expenses.

    I don't think I ever want to own property (and be tied to one place) again, but I'd sure like to find a nice park model to rent that isn't too far from my kids.


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