Saturday, January 1, 2011

More folks arrive, and a Bike Ride!

Today, we had 5 new rigs parked one after another around us.  First across the street, and then on the next street behind the others.  And finally one right beside us.  They are on our driver side, and consequently are of no bother.  Our sites here are about 10 feet or more wider than sites in a normal commercial campground, and we still have two open sites on our door side.

Loyce finally struck up a conversation with the new neighbors beside us and we learned that they are all together, traveling from Oklahoma City.  Well no wonder they all parked in a group.  We still have bunches of empty sites down in this end of the park, so perhaps we will get more neighbors in the next few days.

I checked a number of the airports weather recording sites on the National Weather Service today and learned that other locations did actually go below freezing last night.  We were in a small area that didn't fall below in the early morning hours.

Temperatures recorded were as low as 27 degrees, so it really did freeze for some of the folks.  Again tonight, we are to have temps as low as 25 degrees, but that depends on where you look it up and who does the forecast.

So as it was getting dark again tonight, I turned on the hose and filled up the water tank.  Once full, the hose was rolled up and stowed.  The light was turned back on in the water locker under the coach, for its heat.  And we are again good to go for the freeze if it happens.

The motor scooter stuck its head out from under its cover in the afternoon sun today. Loyce had gone off with the car, and lunch was on the agenda.  So after dressing up in the motor scooter pants and jacket complete with the liners installed, and the heavy gloves and helmet, we were off.

Its less than 2 miles down to the Wendy's, and it wasn't too cold getting there.  After the value meal, in the warm restaurant, I came back home to the RV park.  Still feeling a bit restless, I rode around in the park streets at fairly slow speeds.  The sun was out, and slow speed made it quite enjoyable.

When I parked on the patio, the temp on the scooter dash was 48 degrees.  So not exactly warm, but the best we ever did here today.


Happy New Year!!

Retired Rod


  1. Happy New Year, Rod and Loyce! Hope the new year brings both of you lots of fun, happiness and good times. :)

  2. Happy New Year, Rod & Loyce, You will have many nicer days to cruise on your scooter I am sure, I will watch the Wendy's stock to make sure your doing you part to raise profits. Hope you guys have a great year , your not missing much weather wise around here, We had a tornado touch down about 40 miles away in St Louis County. Did a lot of damage but no deaths. The winds carried our dumpster away, still haven't located it. have to call the trash company Monday since they own it and ask them to drop off another. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. We're sitting at 21F this morning at 5:30. Not nice!! I'm wondering if it's time to be thinking of warmer locations further west!! I remember those cold biking days complete with icicles in my mustache. All the best in 2011 guys:))

  4. A little cool to be riding around on a bike!! Happy New Year and I sure hope it starts warming up for you!

  5. At least you didn't get any snow. I think they did north of you. Happy New Year to you and Loyce. Stay safe.


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