Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warmer here!

Why is the door on our rig white?  The short answer is that it is white on the inside.  Or rather, I think it has never been painted on the inside, and was made from white painted aluminum at the door factory.  But with the door closed, it matches the outside of the coach.

Here it is in the parking lot of our storage place back in KC, with the door closed.  I had ridden over on the bike that day and the sun was high in the sky.

Today was a warm day here in Mesa Arizona, as we reached over 70 degrees.  That seemed really nice as we have been struggling to reach the low 60s lately.  I know that New York and New England have been drowned with 18 inches of snow, and from looking at  Jessica and Harry's blog it is most unpleasant.  That makes a really nice day seem like such a gift.

And on the late Doctor yesterday, I learned that the fellow had a grandchild that took a tumble out of her high chair and cracked her head on the concrete floor.  I wasn't mad that he abruptly turned around and went back to her house.  I just thought they could have told us what was happening and to set the appointments back a couple of hours.  He did work right thru his lunch hour trying to catch up.

Today, I had a big list of things I wanted to get done.  And Loyce had her car back with appointments of her own.  So I was on the scooter for much of the afternoon.  Remember about the really nice day!  It was off to Wal Mart to give them a prescription, and back to Lowes to get some hardware.  And back home to be with Biscuit, as she was devastated that her mommy was gone without her.

We ran the fan in the afternoon as the coach began to get hot inside in the sun.  Once Loyce returned, it was back over to Wal Mart with the car to pickup the Rx and get the oil changed.

Really long time readers of the blog, might remember that two years ago when we set out to return back to KC for Christmas, we had a problem with an oil change from a Wal Mart, where they left the oil cap off and most of the oil was thrown out of the car.  The oil was changed at this Wal Mart out here on Signal Butte road and highway 60.  Well I thought that after 2 years things couldn't still be that bad, so I went back over.

The really short version of the oil change, is that it took almost 3 hours, and that they were backing cars out from behind me when they had them finished, without finishing mine.  Something about needing a supervisor to inspect mine.  And no supervisor ever came.

I had to go up to the front of the store and get the manager of the entire store, in order to get my car back.  She ended up giving me a $20 gift card because she was embarrassed over the deal.  Man some things never change.

But we are back home, and the oil is changed.  And the sun went down just like it normally does with the deep oranges and purples before it got dark.  I only wish that my Panasonic camera hadn't broken so I could have taken some pictures of it.  The display on the back is all messed up, and it doesn't allow you to see what you are taking a picture of.  Well that was $300 bucks waisted.

That's why I have had no pictures on the blog since we came here.  If I kind of guess what I am taking a picture of, and then crop it in Picasa then it is somewhat OK.  But tomorrow will be another adventure here in the land of Sunny and 70.

Retired Rod


  1. I don't even need an adventure - I will take just the sunny and 70 part!! :)

  2. I thought I read that you had a Lumix can't they be fixed? Anyway, that's why I'm glad I take both ,my Lumix and the Canon when we go, as I always have a back-up, Anyway when I was in PA I surfed the web for the cheapest prices on Lumix's as my sister wanted to replace her Kodak,There were plenty out there for under $100. So maybe you could find a replacement. we miss your pictures. KC got snow by the way too. I'm sure you missed that. be safe out there and take care my friend. Sam & Donna..

  3. Just to make you feel better Rod, it is currently -1 here in Louisburg, so enjoy. I quit using the Walmart @ 156th & Metcalf because it always took 2 or more hours to get the oil changed. Anymore, I use the dealership in Paola, 30 minutes or less and usually the same price. Louisburg Larry.

  4. How did your camera break? That's too bad. I expect to be inheriting Gordon's in the near future. He has his eye on another one that shoots raw format.

  5. I'm with you on the "doctor running late" thing. When it is gong to be more than 15 minutes or so, why don't they inform the waiting patients? You could go to lunch, run some errands... or reschedule for another day that won't be so busy. A little communication goes a long way in eliminating frustration!

    And the Wal-Mart story... just gotta' shake your head at that one.

    The weather warm up is nice, isn't it? Though we didn't have time to do so, we DID see a few residents of our park sitting outside enjoying the sunshine yesterday.

  6. I'm sure you may be crossing that Wal-Mart off your list for any future oil changes - I think I would!

    Doesn't your camera have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty? Seems like a phone call to their hotline and a complaint about it might just get you a new one. I'm sure you've already checked that out though.

  7. I am begining to get really upset with Wal*Mart. I had trouble getting my prescriptions filled today. It is always something with them.

  8. I sure hope you checked the OIL CAP this time!!!


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