Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We got a neighbor this afternoon.  We have been here since December 3, and the sites around us have been occupied and vacated right along. And then about 10 days ago we got a neighbor on our drivers side.  Some really nice folks from Oklahoma that are staying for a month.  And perhaps they might extend for another.

But thru all of this, we have managed to not have a door side neighbor.  That came to an end today about 4 PM, when a big Hitchiker II 5er was backed in beside us.  Our sites here are really nicely wide, so its not like a neighbor is a problem, but we're spoiled!

There is at least 10 feet beyond our car door over to the slide on the 5er, and the car is on the other side of our patio which is 8 feet wide, so this whine is really non problematic.  But the tall trailer blocks the sun on our door side now, so we won't warm up as fast.

As we approach this weekend we are to get up into the mid 70s during the afternoons, so blocking the sun may well be a good thing as the season progresses.

As for today, this was a laundry day, but Loyce will not let me help much in the progress of that task.  I just don't do things right to be left on my own with her laundry.  She might let me wash my own stuff, but even then she would be asking a million questions as to how I did things.

So Biscuit and I got to lounge around outside, and then I went for a scooter ride.  Over to the Superstition Mall area, to grab some lunch and then do some Wal Mart shopping.  I do have quite a bit of fun riding all over the place here in the East end of the city.

Of course tonight I had to watch the college championship game that was over in Glendale.  We had quite a bit of coverage on the evening local news about the traffic and the local hype.  You don't really know how gigantic that stadium is until you drive out there.  But today a lot of the local streets were blocked off.

Congratulations to Auburn, and condolences to the Oregon folks, as they thought the might just have it at the end.   And even bigger condolences to my Iowa State brothers, for being soooo dumb as to let Gene Chizik go!!, two years ago as a looser coach, ya right!  Should have given him more time folks, but he lost to Iowa, and that is a sin that you don't come back from.

Tomorrow is another medical day for me again, so I won't have much going on to report.

Retired Rod


  1. "but we're spoiled!"

    Geeeezzz Rod, your almost starting to sound like me now. Better be careful our you could find yourself parked out in the desert somewhere with a great big smile on your face:))

  2. To bad someone is now in your visitor parking. We are off to the desert today and wishing you all the best on your own endeavours.

  3. Just think of it as a big 'wind block', it might come in handy.

    Kind of a strange BCS championship game last night, I thought. It got real exciting there at the end though.

    Good luck with your medical stuff today.

  4. My Hitchhiker was blocked in on both sides last year at Cal Expo, by huge motorhomes on either side of me. I didn't get morning OR afternoon sun, and it was always an effort parking my truck because of how far forward they pulled, no doubt because of the hose connections. That's why I hope to stay away from big RV parks next time around.

  5. Ok, Rod, it sounds like some boondocking may be in your future??? Actually, we are finding that the 2 park models on each side of us block a bit of those Coachella Valley winds when they start to howl, so we are liking the close, taller neighbours! Good luck on your day today.


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