Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday Stuff

We were just hanging around trying to decide if we were really going to do anything today, when outside  John and Brenda pulled in.  They had dropped by to return some stuff that we had loaned them and my pocket knife that I must have dropped outside their rig.

But more than that, they are heading out the first of the week for the Quartzsite area to do some boondocking.  They are in the big city now, so it is time to stock up the supplies.  If you have been to the quartzsite area, you know that Wal Marts are in short supply.  So stocking up will be a necessity.

We spent an hour or so BS ing and laughing, but alas they had to part with hand shakes and hugs.  I'm sure we will cross their paths again.

I took off on the scooter, to ride myself over to the usual lunch facility.  Loyce sticks on her diet with boring salads, so I'm always on my own.  It was recording 67 on the dash temperature gage, so it was really nice for the early part of January.  I rode a couple of extra miles returning to the park.

As I was riding thru the park, I ran into a fellow from Tulsa, that was cleaning the back end of his Allegro Bus.  It seemed quite new, and yes he was using The Solution!  And yes he was totally sold on it, even though it costs a lot.  He asked, "what about a motor home doesn't cost a lot?"

We stood and told Red Bay, Al, stories and stories about Tiffin standing behind us when stuff went wrong. Seem this fellow had five Newmar products including an Essex.  But he was totally behind Tiffin and his Allegro Bus.  I took the devils advocate side and tried to counter his loyalty, but he was not to be swayed.  This was about an hours worth of discussion that included some of the neighbors as well.

Seems he has had problems with his Cumins engine and its electronic controls.  With reoccurring check engine lights.  This has not caused the fellow to loose his faith in the Tiffin products.  I couldn't help but wonder what he would think a year from now.

So when I got back home, the sun was becoming low in the horizon, and we began to get ready to go into our evening routine for sunday night.  I like to watch the watch shows on the TV and see how the Sunday internet special sales came out, so this took a bunch of my time.

I ended up purchasing a cheaper watch from the Shop NBC folks before it aired.  That turned out to be a good thing because the item sold out before it could ever be shown on TV.  But I think I got one. Time will tell on that one.

So no really new news from here today.

Retired Rod


  1. Time will tell if you got a watch? Funny! :)

  2. Yup! Time will tell on that watch alright unless it comes without a battery!! Pretty soon you'll have enough watches to setup a kiosk at the Swap Meet!


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