Friday, January 7, 2011

JB and Brenda are in Town!

We knew that John and Brenda Brown were arriving in the Mesa area in the next day or so, but had lost track of their actual arrival.  So it was with some surprise that we noticed a comment on the blog, that they were indeed here!

I knew that I had their email address somewhere, but to no avail it was not in the laptop or the blackberry.  Drat!  So I started in on my backlog of emails looking for where John had sent it to me.  I knew about when the date was, but still it took a while to find.  A friend of mine had called on skype, and as I was talking to him, bingo it jumped in front of me last night.

This morning, some quick emails were passed, and we had a plan!  Since they let me pick the eating establishment, I had to suggest that we go to Fuddruckers for fresh baked hamburger buns, and fresh ground meat.  I have been staying away from the sweet potato fries lately, since they seem to be too rich for my newly plumbed pipes.

But after Biscuit managed to climb all over Brenda and lick her to death at our rig, and a bunch of stories had to be exchanged, we headed to the burger place.  We were together for several hours, and we talked non stop!  Seems like one story reminded us of another, and then another.

We were about to be the last patrons in the restaurant, so we headed back to the vehicles.  Still we stood in the cool Arizona air, reluctant to call it quits.  We both have dogs that were couped up in our respective rigs, and poor Meg had been neglected since 3:30, so we had to let them go.

I think it is quite interesting, how we have made friends thru this blogging activity, with so many nice people.  And even though it has been almost two years since we have crossed our paths, we pick up with these fine folks, as though it was just yesterday!  And truthfully it was just yesterday, since that was the last time we read their blog.  RVing is a special bond that can not be replaced with any other form of social interaction.  We are so fortunate to have found it as our avocation.

Retired Rod

PS: John took some pictures and told the story better than I did, so see his blog HERE


  1. I agree! It's always fun and interesting to meet some of our blogville 'family.' :)

  2. I actually read John's blog before yours Rod, so I saw the pictures of you guys at Fuddruckers! Sure looked liked Biscuit was giving Brenda a real facewash too! Puppies love meeting new people.

    Sounds like you had a great evening!

  3. You are right. Rvers are the best. We have made so many friends since starting this life-style.


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