Sunday, January 2, 2011

Motorscooter riding and football

It really did freeze here last night, and for several hours in a row, so it was a hard freeze as well.  It didn't cause us any problems as I was all rolled up for the night.

I must be getting used to it a bit better though, as this morning, we just went out and hooked back up without thinking much about it.

We walked the dog, and ourselves in the early afternoon, and finally went out on the motorscooter, when it didn't look like Penn State had any chance to pull out their game.  Today I rode all over the city, and back over to the old campground, just for a destination.

I rode from the back to the front, and noted that one of Loyce's quilting friends was back in town after not coming here last year.  We'll have to see if Loyce wants to get back together with her.

It was getting quite cold, on my ride back out East here.  The wind was in the North, and with the Sun behind me and only 51 for a temperature on my dash temp gage, the wind was doing a number on me.  I parked and tossed the cover back on quite quickly.  I wasn't all that cold except for my face and fingers in the gloves.

Tonight we watched the Oklahoma game for a while, but began to channel hop and ended up changing between Mythbusters, and the Military channel.  I got engrossed in the early life of Hitler of all things.

I did not go roll up the hoses tonight, as it is still 36 degrees well after midnight.  So perhaps we won't be as cold.  Or perhaps we will be waiting for all of it to thaw out in the morning, but it is to be somewhat warmer tomorrow.

Retired Rod


  1. It was still 48F here when I went to bed at 11 p.m. last night. You should be in Ontario! Today however the temperature is dropping during the day. Our heat wave is over! Most of the snow is now gone but looks like we'll be getting caught up on that on Tuesday!

  2. It's raining out here in the Bay area this morning so I'd gladly change you for some colder but drier weather as I really don't care for hitching up in the rain.

    It'll be nice when the weather warms up again and all that cold will soon be forgotten.

  3. We have been having some cool temps down here in Texas too. We have a few cool nights, then a few warm, but still better than below freezing at home.


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