Sunday, January 30, 2011

Biscuit is grungy again!

Today was a blur, and I'm not sure where it went.  I read some and worked on the computer to catch up on blogs.  Just like that it was after noon!

Biscuit was begging to go outside and wanted to walk once we were out there.  Off we went.  After about an hour of her pulling me and not walking like a nice doggy, she finally settled down.  Once back home she was absolutely filthy.

She literally wipes up the street as she does her dance and wild gyrations of excitement.  There seems to be nothing that I can do to settle her down.  I stop dead in my tracks and make her stop and settle down, but the second we start moving again she is wild all over again. Going the opposite direction does nothing, she just starts her wild gyrations up going that way.

When we got home she was covered in gravel and dirt, which caused the garden hose to come out.  She has never been hosed down before, and I was careful to cover the end of the hose and not spray her with it.  Rather the water dribbled out of my hand and she thought it was another game!  Puppies see the fun of most everything new!

I rinsed and rinsed, but it was in the mid 70s so she wasn't particularly cold.  Eventually I just gave up, as I didn't have any soap.  Of course Loyce was just horrified that I was out there drowning her baby!  I don't need to explain how that came out.

Later that afternoon, I was out joy riding on the motorscooter.  I was over at a neighboring RV park nosing around.  They have 5600 sites, and two golf courses.  I was told they are the biggest park in Arizona.  It just so happened that the fellow I was talking to was a farmer from South Dakota and a board member of his local cooperative.

Since I was an auditor for many years of Coops, and then an accountant working directly for one of the regional coops, I had a new friend.  I finally had to excuse myself to head on back.

Ah, another day in the life of a retired RVer!

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like Biscuit needs a big Iowa cornfield to run all that energy off in.

  2. Rusty acts the same way when we walk him. He almost runs circles around us. They are so full of energy. I try to walk a long way to wear him out, but it is always me in the end that has had enough.

  3. If you have a brush called a 'slicker brush', it will get out a lot of the dirt and tangles, without resorting to 'drowning' Biscuit.

    Puppies will be puppies, she needs a lot of exercise to burn off all that energy. Maybe there is a fenced dog park nearby?
    A tired dog is a good dog!

  4. These little pups like to run. I don't know what we'd do with Rylie if she couldn't run till she's tired out at the dog park! Maybe you should get one of the those leashes where she can run behind you on the scooter! Oh! Oh! Don't think Biscuits 'Mom' would like that idea!

  5. The Vet said no doggie parks. She doesn't want her in with the general dog population until she is 6 months old. And yes we have the slicker brush, but it only partially gets the black from the roads out. Seems that it needs rinsed away for best results.


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