Sunday, January 23, 2011

The motor scooter fairly screamed at me this morning for looking at another girl!!!  Stressing all of the great benefits of the scooter design.  Full floorboards, relax with your feet in any position!  Full automatic transmission, with gear shifting if you want.

A great big seat with storage underneath for two full helmets.  A hump bag lunch box, with room for your drink inside as you ride down the road!!!  It only weighs 600 pounds and will turn on a dime, making the twisties a dream!  But mr scooter is missing one great big thing...........Attitude!!!

Ya can't be a big Harley Biker guy on a Scoooooter......!  Well, no you can't and you have to explain why you would choose such a ride to every one you meet.  I'm a wimp, and that is why I ride a wimp machine!!! LOL

I felt bad for my poor old scooter, and had to clean it up.  It hadn't had a bath since way last fall before the surgery lay up.  It was all dusty when I got it out here in Arizona, but only got a quick chamois.   But it has been almost two months since it was taken from the inside of the trailer, and has lived under its cover out in the elements.

So today it got a real bath with sponge and soap suds.  Then it was rinsed and chamois again.  Later it had its tire pressures adjusted and its fluids checked.  I need to go put the cover back over it here in a few minutes as it is way past dark outside.

On the watch front, I learned yesterday that my suspicions were warranted on the Rose colored Sub Aqua Noma IV.  Seems that they didn't have an overstock on that one at all, and none of the 250 orders they received will be getting one.  They offered a replacement which did not have the Master Calendar movement and was silver.  And in a weak moment I said OK send it.  I'll have to pass judgement on it when it arrives.  But it is nowhere nearly as cool as what I thought I was buying.  That's Invicta and their Sunday Run.  Kind of like a Cra___ shoot.  Heck, I got way too many watches now, can't cry just because a neat one got away.

Biscuit had to go with Loyce over to the local Veterinarian office again this morning.  It was the last of her puppy shots, which includes the Rabies vaccine.  She has been laying around in her bed and in the crate, and under the table.  But she just doesn't seem to find a comfortable place.  Maybe she will feel better in the morning, but for now she really yelps if you touch her back end where the shot was administered.  She has those big brown Cavalier Spaniel eyes and just pleads for me to make it better.

You want to hug her, but that doesn't help the backside a bit.

Retired Rod


  1. Yeah, Sadie just moped and fell asleep in my arms after her shot, a day will make a big difference,Hope it's warm out there. Be safe, Sam & Donna...

  2. Poor Biscuit!! Hope she is back to her normal frisky self today!! :)

  3. Poor Biscuit,hope she feels better soon!

  4. Biscuit will be all better after a good night's sleep.

    Not so sure about your scooter though. She's probably still sulking from all your Harley talk!

  5. We still haven't seen a picture of Biscuit's new 'do'.

    I hope the 'shot hole' feels better soon. It is usually an IM shot, so that is why it hurts for a while. Poor baby!

    Please give her a hug from me.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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