Monday, January 3, 2011

A sight seeing trip today.

We took a trip today out East on highway 60.  We had a sunny day going as we headed out about 1 in the afternoon.  The forecast temperature of 55 was achieved on our dash gage by about 2 PM.  But, as we traveled farther the clouds began to cover the sky.

It was nice to begin with, but as we climbed up into the mountains and we got more clouds, the temperature began to fall.  I think it was more the fact that we were climbing than anything else.

We passed the arboretum first as we reached the outskirts of Superior.  This is the first of the old mining towns, but is mostly closed up old businesses.  People still live there, and there is a large restaurant that we ate in two years ago.  It was busy today as well.

We were going on up to Globe, so we headed right on thru town.  The scenery gets much better as you head to the next town of Miami.  Well at least if you like mine tailings piles.  It was kind of fun anyway.  We did see some of the mining lakes in the distance that were quite green and almost emerald like.

I have tried to take pictures up there in previous years, but it is so far away in the distance that you never can see anything but mountains in the distance.  The mines have been mostly closed for years, so the gravel mounds are now becoming covered with vegetation, so it doesn't look so un natural anymore.

These pictures are from the Queen Creek area, but were taken two years ago on a day when it was sunny and bright.  But the rocks haven't changed much.

Both Globe and Miami are also really old, but there are more folks that are still living there.  The mines up there seem to still be open for some business. But on Sunday it was hard to understand how busy they still are.

We stopped at the local Wendy's for a burger, just to keep in tradition.  Loyce likes the chicken nuggets, so she has them with her salad from home.  Back in Miami, we found the quilt shop that we have gone to in the past, but darn the luck, it was closed on Sunday.

It was almost dark as we returned home to find that we now have another neighbor on our door side.  We still have one empty site between us, but we are sure that it will be occupied in the very near future.    By mid month, there will be very few empty sites here in our park.

We are kind of glad to be behind the new sales row of park models, as they are set up two to each lot.  It is kind of like having a wall behind us, since they are unoccupied.  Once in a while someone comes and looks thru them, but they only stay for a short while, and then its all empty again.

A lazy Sunday, but at least it is somewhat warmer and back into the 50s for daytime highs.  Tonight is to be 31 for a low, so we will not need to take in the water hoses again.  Lets hope thats over with for a while.  Like until next year, LOL.

Retired Rod


  1. Nice pictures of Arizona and the ghost towns. Those two towns are on our list!

  2. Yep, those Queen Creek photos sure looked familiar alright:))

  3. Nice pics of your sight seeing trip, Rod. It was nice seeing that bright blue sky too. Glad the freezing temps are starting to ease up as well. We're off on a 'Quilt Shop' tour today I think!

  4. Sounds like you had a great day of sight-seeing. Beautiful pictures. Love that Wendys.


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