Friday, January 28, 2011

Internet gone tonight until late!

We get disconnected from the internet around this end of town somehow. I see the little dreaded yellow spot on top of the indicator for the bars on my wifi.  I always have all the bars, because the wifi is in the front window of the motorhome, about three feet behind my chair.

The internet tower is right out our front windshield to the South of us about a stones throw away, so when you go look at your wan device on the router info screen, it always has all the bars as well.  So signal strength is not an issue here.  But still no internet.

I dropped and re connected the wireless card from the verizon server.  Still no connectivity.  Then I switched to the park's internet wifi tower.  I connected right away, but NO Internet!   This is starting to sound like something in this end of town, that is beyond my control.

Well, after about an hour, it just miraculously returned.  And it returned to both the verizon card and the local wifi all at once.  So off line around here is just that!  Off line!

I am totally lost when the computer doesn't work, so I just sit here and pout!!!

Today was busy, but I am not sure what I did.  I didn't go up to the country store in the activity center, even though the entire world came in our front gate at about 8 AM.  They start at 9 and need to be set up by then.  Since I can't eat the hot dogs after my surgery, the fun has gone out of the get togethers.  And I never could find anything I wanted at the actual swap meet.

What I did do, was to read Rick's blog about the Solution, and that shamed me into going out and dry washing the West side of the coach up as far as I could reach from the ground.  He suggested that I review how it works, and it does really well even wiping off the splattered desert mud on the lower parts of the rig.  But I have problems getting it to be completely streak free when I buff it out on the dark navy blue part of the coach.  Its all but black, and almost everything leaves a wax streak.  Especially the McGuires products of dry shine, which are similar but not quite the same.  The Solution is better and easier to wipe off than the McGuires.

I don't know what is in the solution, but it seems more watery and less waxy.  But all and all the microfibre cloth is dirty and the coach is clean, and that was the goal to begin with!!!!

Later in the day I rode the scooter around when it got into the mid 70's.  I ride the neighborhoods to our South over the freeway, just looking around at all the housing developments and the stores.

It was hot enough this afternoon, that I put on my shorts for the first time since last October.  But once the sun went down, they were not at all warm outside.  Its 52 as I write this at 11:30.

Tomorrow is another day!

Retired Rod


  1. Haha - when the temps hit 52 degrees here for highs in the afternoon, there will be ALL kinds of people walking around with t-shirts and shorts and breaking out their flip-flops. After 4 to 5 months of 30s and below, that will feel so WARM!! :) (and I can't wait!!)

  2. Rod tell Loyce the solution is great for all of her mirrors and stainless steel. I even use it on my counter tops. Your rig can't be really dirty to use it but after spraying with some water it really makes it look good.

    Take Care you two

  3. You've been doing a lot of looking at residential areas lately. Is the Phoenix/Mesa area where you're planning on hanging up the keys someday? If so, how will that work with the grandkids?

  4. Sounds like your Internet problem was elsewhere, probably a domain server somewhere, as it's unlikely both Verizon and the park WiFi would be experiencing the same problem.

    Thanks for the review on The Solution. Now that I've ordered it, I'll be able to test it out like you. I'm sure I'll end up using it in addition to a regular wax on our rig.

  5. It is really upsetting when the net goes out, but it happens to all of us sometimes. Usually when you are right in the middle of something important.


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