Friday, January 21, 2011

Biscuit gets shaved.

Today was Biscuit's trip to the beauty parlor.  Of course she had no idea where we were going, and she was really excited to meet the lady at the counter, and all of the other dogs when we got there.  You can tell when she is excited, because she dribbles on the floor.  Puppies!

We had to leave her for two hours, and it was hard for us to leave her behind.  But we left.  We had decided to not shear her down to her bare fur, but to leave about an inch of hair all over.  We think that will not frighten her as much, an perhaps get her more used to having a hair cut in the future.

The gal was really good with her, they were still buddies when we got back, so things must have been OK.  But ever since we arrived home, all Biscuit wants to do is sleep.  It must really be traumatic going to the dog parlor.  Or we played around so much with all the other dogs and the groomer, that we are killed now.

If I could get her awake, I would take her picture, but she looks much the same as she did several weeks ago before she grew all the ragged fur.

The wind was blowing hard enough to have to roll up the awning today, but the temperature was well into the 70s just the same.  Compared to the wind that blows in South Texas, we had just a slight breeze, but for around here, it made the palm trees sway a bunch.

I do remember that Arizona had a tornado back last summer, but that was up in the mountains by Flagstaff.  I can't ever remember wind damage here in the valley.

Another nice day, when we found out that KC had 8 inches of snow!

Retired Rod


  1. We ended up with 10 here in Dardenne Prairie, but Sam & John Deere were up to the task, my feet and hands were numb by the time it was done, another sign of aging, anyway enjoy that weather for us. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. A first haircut is a rather traumatic experience for a puppy - and exciting too! It tends to tire them out pretty rapidly once they're home.

    A good night's sleep and she'll be right back to normal for sure.

  3. Can't wait to see Biscuit's picture with her new 'do'.


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