Thursday, January 20, 2011

Riding on the Highway and explaining the Sunday Run

See how nutty I am when it comes to this watch fetish thing!  On Sunday, I ordered an Invicta Sub Aqua Noma IV with a Master Calendar movement.  It will be in Rose Gold and Black on a bracelet.  I ordered it directly from Invicta in Hollywood, Florida.

They have what is called the Sunday Run, where they list overstocked watches on a special web site.  They start exactly at midnight Eastern time.  Like in the middle of the night!  But only 10 PM here.   Folks start ordering the item until the web site says GONE!

Then you sit around waiting for another item to take its place on the site.  Hitting refresh over and over until you get the next offering.  Folks use an auto refresh program to query the site about every thirty seconds and redisplay the latest page.

When you see something you think you can't live without, you hit the "I Want IT" button and go into an order page to get the item.  In order to place an order, you have to be pre registered with Invicta to receive their quarterly news magazine by email.  If they recognize your email address, then you can place your order.  Otherwise you just go around in a circle on the I want it button.

You don't really get much of a confirmation that it all worked until you get the shipping tracking info from FedEx.  That usually comes on Tuesday, but with this weeks holiday on Monday, no tracking info came out yesterday and only part of the shipments received tracking today.  And of course the item that I ordered did not get tracking even today.  So now I am becoming nervous.

Word has it on the forum that tracking will be out tomorrow!!  If it wasn't that we were getting drastically reduced pricing on these things, no one in their right mind would sit at the computer all day waiting for the next item to come up.  Not knowing what it will be or even if you might like it.  Folks will do anything in order to get a deal on stuff!!!!  Are we having fun yet?

Today was another wonderful day on the desert. Over 80 degrees on the motorscooter dash.  I was outside reading my book, and an Airstream trailer pulled by a Chevy pickup arrived to take the last open spot around us in all directions.  We do have one spot behind us next to the park models that is open, but I would bet it will be filled soon.

Talking to the park model saleswoman today, we learned that the Palm Harbor trailers are limited here to the ones they have on the lot.  Seems that the company was reorganized in bankruptcy, and one of the changes was to close the Tempe plant where these homes were made.  So when the ones behind us are sold, they do not know where new trailers will be coming from.

Note,  Cavco is still open for business here in Apache Junction, but evidentially the Cal Am people that own this park have ended that relationship.  Sounds to me like someone has made a decision that has come back to bite them!  They are not saying anything in public except that we need to purchase these homes now before they are all gone!

Now wait a minute, there are something like eight Cal Am parks here in the Phoenix area, and every one of them has these new park models on display.  So I think they have about 40 or more on hand.  Is this the latest sales ploy?  Get them now before its too late!!!! To late for what?

I learned that Cal Am also has one of the double wide parks where the trailers are lowered to the ground and set up as conventional homes.  It is out in Gold Canyon to our East, and these developments do not have or allow any RVs.  So on a whim, I rode the motorscooter out there this afternoon just to nose around.

Gold Canyon is on highway 60, and is about 13 miles away.  I rode thru the countryside on Baseline road, as far as the street lasted.  Eventually I had to get on the four lane highway with its 65 mile speed limit.  And yes the scooter goes that fast, but I usually don't do highways unless absolutely required to. And in this case, it is the only way out there.

The homes were another step above any that I have looked at so far.  These had all red tile roofs, and were completely stucko sided.  The development is only about half completed, but I think the economy has really slowed the progress.  There are so many used homes on the market here in central Arizona, that building new ones doesn't make a lot of sense.  Still there were several new ones available for immediate move in.  I guess some folks just have to have brand new!

I talked my way into the gate waving my Cal Am pass for Valle Del Oro, asking about the sales office.  But it was late in the day, and I think the guard knew that I couldn't get there in time for them to be open, but he let me in to ride around just the same.  The place is nice but I would bet quite pricey.

I rode home on the freeway all the way at 65 mph.  Mostly the cars still pass you going 70 or more.  Thats OK because I don't like to be followed at those speeds anyway.

Retired Rod


  1. You might have to watch out for which watch was watchable at which time whenever watching for watches was watched while waiting for more watches to wait for....what!!

  2. I'm just grateful they don't have a TV show for 'Quilting' like they do for watches or I'd be living in a tent by now instead of a new 5'er.

    Interesting info on the park models and canam.


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