Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday again, where is this winter going to?

Questions first!  What kind of a citrus tree is that in front of the rig?  Well, we are not too sure!  When JB and Brenda were here, Brenda picked what she thought was the freshest of the fruit, and peeled it.  It looked to be some sort of an orange, with thick skin like a navel.  We broke the segments apart and each of us tasted one......  bitter, bitter, oooh so bitter.  So we are now thinking the tree is really ornamental in nature.  Perhaps it will become sweeter as the fruit ripens.

What is the electric rate?  I believe it was slightly over 8 cents per kilowatt.  We had a big to do here in Arizona about the RV parks marking up the electricity from what they get charged and making profits off of it.  In this state that was against the regulators rulings.  What they allow the electric companies to charge for a kilowatt is all that can be charged.... Period!

So after some newer rules to make things much more clear, the parks can not mark up electricity.  So when we came back a year ago last winter, our juice was much more reasonable. I'm sure that changed things here at Valle Del Oro as well, but since this is our first year here we can't speak to their practices prior to the changes.

Our bill was just over $100 bucks this last month, and we have used almost no propane since we came here.  Our water heater is on electric, and our refrigerator in on electric, and we run two large electric heaters at night.  We do have a two burner cook top to make meals with that use propane however.

And as far as the park with the expensive monthly rental, it is a complete park model park, where the wheels and axles are removed from the trailers as they are brought in.  All park models are set up at ground level like a house, and are double wides with attached car ports or garages.  They are skirted and sided after they are installed, and essentially are homes at that point.  But you don't own the lot, and can't purchase it.

The club house is provided by the management company, and the dues are not guaranteed to be kept at any level.  No wonder they have been increased rapidly, just because they can!  But the place is really nice as you drive around.  But their are rules big time, and they have enforcement that makes sure your garbage enclosure is just so and that there are no satellite dishes that are visible from the street, and on and on.........  Pass..........

Today was just like all the other Sundays here in the RV park.  People were out on their patios watching the football game and having parties.  I went out on the scooter, just driving around the park. We seem to have neighborhoods much like a small community,  with the resulting get togethers in each area.

Back at the RV, I got involved with the Sunday Run on the Invicta web site, and they presented another watch that I decided I needed to collect!  I got more watches than I can wear, ever, but this one has a master calender movement in it made by ronda.  And it was much more inexpensive than it would have been on the retail sites, and Shop NBC.

Again I am putting my son out to go meet the FedEx truck, as they will only ship it to my KC home.  He said he didn't mind when we talked to him on the phone.  He's a good kid, and makes his daddy happy even if it is somewhat of a imposition on my part.  He only has one watch, and forgets to wear it. That's what he has a cell phone for!  And see I forget to take my cell phone with me!

Biscuit got her bath late in the afternoon, after she and I walked all over the park.  Or perhaps it was that she drug me all over.  She was just black after that trip, and her mommy said that does it!  Now she is killed on the floor in front of her crate.  Just too much excitement.  Another slow Sunday!

Retired Rod


  1. I agree, sometimes the HOA 's just overdue it with rules, when we bought our lot at Lake Sherwood we had thoughts we might build a small summmer cottage there, but after spending 7 years as Chief, and seeing all the rules that got passed, the one that broke the camels back was the no dog's in the lake, it's a lake community, and everyone had dogs.We decided then and there, we would keep the lot for the anemities and when we were done sell it. To bad well intentioned individuals run for those Board of Directors positions and then go power mad.I saw it when I worked for the City, one of our residents , was a fireman and ran for the board of Alderman, he promised that he would help the city employees, well it only took about a year and he forgot about us, and it was whats in it for him. Such is life. Hey enjoy your warm weather. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I do understand the need for rules & regulations. I have just learned to stay awary from those kinds of places though:))

  3. Hey Rod - what time is it?? You must have enough wrist watches now to set one for each time zone!!

    I sure wouldn't want to have a place with all those rules. Owning a home on someone else's property where they set the rent rates doesn't really appeal to me either.

  4. Thanks Rod for answering my electric question. We have paid as low as 7 cents and hour and as much as 19 cents kw hour, so I was just curious.

  5. Hope everything is going well Rod and a big hello to Loyce.



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