Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Doctor came late!

The Doctor was 2 hours late arriving at his office today, but of course I was there right on time, so,,,,,, I got to sit in the waiting room for over 2 hours before making it to the exam room.  I waited, not so patiently, but what are you going to do?

That fairly well shot my entire day!  I don't want to turn this blog into a blow by blow medical summary, so I will leave out all the technical stuff.

I see that I have 63 followers and that very slowly, I have gained these followers.  I have gained folks about one a week, over the last several weeks.  While it is so slow, that I don't make a big deal about each and every one of you as you join, I notice every one of you as you sign up.  Without my loyal followers, there would be no reason to blog, so I feel that it is necessary to say how much I appreciate your stopping by to check us out!  Perhaps a simple THANK YOU will suffice, but I really do appreciate your stopping by.

While I would like to be out driving all over the state of Arizona, that just isn't in the cards right now.  So we will not be out boondocking in the near future.  I would really like to be able to travel to Quartzsite for the annual RV show later this month, so that is a goal to be accomplished.

So if I can keep this site somewhat interesting for the next couple of weeks, perhaps we can go exploring after that.

Retired Rod


  1. Let us know if you do go to Q, perhaps we can get together for a visit! I hope things work well for the next couple of weeks.

  2. Hope you can see your way clear through all the medical stuff to get out & enjoy more of what this great State of Arizona has to offer;

  3. I know doctors have an excuse for being late. They have emergencies, people sicker than you but I really hate people being late. I feel that when a person is late for an appointment, they don't think your time is worth anything. With Gordon and I being Virgos we're always early by about 20 minutes. Luckily our doctor is pretty much on time. Wish everyone was!

  4. Your blog's always an interesting read, Rod. You'll be within hailing distance of us if you go to QZ, I'll just have to watch and see if, and when, you go!! I still owe you a pretty good cheese burger!!

  5. Okay, I've been wondering since I started reading your blog... Why is the door on your FRED white? I could probably read back issues and find the answer, but basically being lazy I thought I'd just ask...

    Good luck with all the med stuff!

  6. We ran in to the same situation this morning. Rusty had an appointment at the Vet's office for 8:00, but they forgot to register it, so we got to wait too. It was their fault, but we were the ones left waiting with a hyper dog. Don't you just love that????


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