Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flat tire and playing with Biscuit

First of all, folks wanted to know how to make Biscuit sit still for her picture.  All I had to do was place a piece of that sugar free pop corn on my knee where she could see it.  And then I got that pleading, oh please daddy please, gimme the popcorn look.

Is that cheating?  Well I did finally give her the piece of popcorn, but just one because the Vet lady said absolutely no table food, and I'm pretty sure that would include popcorn too.

Tonight she lost one of her baby teeth, chewing on Loyce's slipper.  It really startled her when it came out.  So the chewing will continue while the new teeth grow in. Perhaps then we can get some rest on the chewing bit.  She was awake before dawn again today, and is driving us nuts that way as well.

Besides playing with Biscuit, we had a bunch of wind here today.  It came up mid morning, and was blowing most of the day.  Only about 18 miles per hour, but quite steady.  It rattles the palm trees behind us, and knocks the dead fronds from the trees.

I didn't ride the scooter until about 4 PM, preferring to use the car to go get a new back tire for Loyce's bicycle.  It was strangely flat Monday when she went to ride over to the mail box.  The guy at the bike place said that we have small cactus spines that blow all over the place and make bike tires mysteriously go flat.

Of course he had just the remedy, selling me an extra thick inner tube to go with the new tire.  He said that the thicker new tire and the thick inner tube would correct the problem.  After I got the tire mounted and re aired, it seemed to stay up for the rest of the day.  Though she hasn't gone anywhere yet, I perceive that the back tire is fixed.

Now it will be just a matter of time before the front tire follows suit.  The bike and its tires are over 25 years old, and need to be replaced because of age without regards of road hazards.  Maybe I ought to go buy another one of those thick inner tubes before we leave, because you can bet they are more available here in the desert.

I was off riding the scooter over to another of the manufactured housing parks this afternoon.  More as a place to ride to than interest in the park.  But in order to get in and look the place over, the guard made me sign in and get a visitor's pass.  Then I had to take the pass to the office and tell them I was out looking around.  They signed off on my voyeurism, and offered to open anything I was interested in.

Oddly enough, this park is back over in the Leisure World area, which is closer to our old park from last year.  It was started in 1996 and has much larger stately trees and plantings.  Its amazing how much these mature gardens add a sense of calm to the place.  The houses are much the same as the other places, and the community buildings were identical.

Another opportunity to purchase real estate here in Mesa.  The economy here is bad!  Quite bad.  They advertise real estate foreclosure auctions on bill boards along the interstates.  It is a buyers market.  I think living in a 350 square foot motorhome without traveling around is driving us nuts.

We did decide today that we would like to leave here when our rent is out on March 3rd.  Perhaps going back toward Texas this year.   We did that two years ago, and ran into cooooold rainy conditions, until we made it to the San Antonio area.  Maybe we will have to drive really fast!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. There is also a product called "Goop" (I think) that can be put into the bike tires along with air to combat those cactus needles. :)

  2. How old is Biscuit? Rusty chews nonstop from the time he gets up till he goes back to sleep. We are both looking forward to the time when he will quit. We have plenty of toys and thick flip chips, but he would still rather chew on us.

  3. Rod, I'm with you. A 350 sq. ft. RV is intended as a travel vehicle, not a stationary residence! We're looking at a 2+ month stay in Sacramento this spring while Odel gets a knee replacement - yikes!


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