Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A cool day for reading!

Today was a reading day! It seemed to be really cool when I rode the motorscooter over to the bath house.  Too cool to go anywhere on the bike.  I came back and parked hoping for a big warm up.

It wasn't all that cold, and the sun was shining brightly.  That makes your spirits high, which is why we choose to come to the desert every year.  We don't spend days on end in the gray overcast and dreary rainy conditions of other warm places.  The trade off is that when the sun goes down, the desert gets rather cold.

So we never really got to 70.  And I just sat inside the motorhome with the sun on its windows and enjoyed the warm that it provided.  I read all the blogs, and then started to read my political book.  But not being exciting, it put me to sleep during the afternoon.  I fought to keep my eyes open, but Biscuit had awakened us at 5 AM and whined for an eternity before falling back to sleep, so the warm nap was beyond my ability to defend.

Later in the afternoon, I began reading my Kindle for the PC book.  I had down loaded the Kindle program some months ago, but had not gotten into it very well.  I have the book, 20 thousand leagues under the sea, which was free.  But somehow today I began to read it in earnest.  It is written in 1860's English, which makes it slow to comprehend.

Loyce was doing her craft projects, and some of that included the laundry, as she was washing fabric, and our sheets and ..... well she likes doing laundry.  And tonight she went on another walk that was over an hour.  Finally walking Biscuit around the long block to tire her out before bed.

So our day was uneventful, but not really boring.  Just not exciting.  We did get more new folks camped across the street after some of them left yesterday.  And again we are totally full.  They even rented out one of the sites behind us where the for sale park models were sitting, before they were sold last week.

I think they are beginning to poke folks into all the crooks and crannies!  You know the sites on poor corners and back in cubby holes, that barely exist.  We do have some spots that are still vacant, as I ride around the park, but I think even those are reserved for arrivals later.

We think the spot across from us was reserved by the fellow who arrived today, forcing the former occupant to move somewhere else in the park.  When they moved their fifth wheel, the storage doors were hanging open and the wife came back with the pickup and loaded up the lawn stuff a while later. They couldn't have moved very far.

Just the living life bit of the everyday trailer trash folks!  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. haha! It sounds quite wonderful to me!! :) I am looking forward to when Harry and I will be joining you in that boring (warm) winter park life!!

  2. "We don't spend days on end in the gray overcast and dreary rainy conditions of other warm places."
    A big 10-4 on that one Rod & couldn't agree more:))

    I remember the movie version 20,000Leagues Under The Sea with James Mason years ago & it was one of my favorite movies back then.

  3. Just getting away from the dreary, cloudy weather and seeing the sun each day is a great way to spend the summer.

    We really noticed the cooler temperatures over at QZ yesterday!

  4. I like political books also, but you are right, you have to fight to stay interested in them.


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