Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Bath!

This was the day last week that they made me take a bath!!!!  Yuck!!!  I even had to sit and get combed with the slicker brush.  Then horror of horrors, I had to sit for my picture!!!  Can you tell by my attitude that I don't like it?

Well now its about 10 days later, and I am all dirty and grungy again, and I smell a lot like a dog.  You know like I should smell, but today dad went out on his motorscooter and rode over to the Superstition Mall area to find a dog groomer place.  He thinks I need a puppy cut, what ever that is.  He had checked out several places that are somewhat close but didn't like the looks of most of them.  There is always the the Petsmart over by the Wal Mart that can't change car oil, but he isn't too happy about that whole strip mall now.

Anyway this place he found is across from the main entrance of Leisure World, and makes their living cutting all those high falutin puppies of all those rich people.  But I have an appointment for next Thursday!   Wish me luck, I know I won't like it one bit!!

Anyway today was hair cut day for my dad too as he drove back up to the shop that he has used since he first came here to Mesa.  He had to take a number from the wall peg and sit quietly and wait his turn.  The barber shop banter was going full strength, as they were discussing the snow fall in Minnesota and North Dakota.  I guess he wasn't the only snow bird in there.

Boy I sure hope the dog parlor does a better job on me than he got or else I will look real funny.  Why can't I just stay dirty and looking like a rag muffin?

When we went out potty at dusk tonight, dad had to take a picture of the sun going down.  He tied me to the lawn chair and walked out into the street.  I barked at him not to leave me, but he didn't listen.

It was 76 this afternoon when he was out riding on his scooter getting all these hair cuts.  Arizona is still verrrrry nice this time of year!

Biscuit Dog for Retired Rod


  1. Sadie hates her grooming also, Rigg's just smirks like, see if you were a Lab you could get a bath in the shower at home and not have all the doggie parlor stuff. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  3. Max, Checkers & the Motormouse wanna know what a Groomer is....:))

  4. Love it!! Biscuit does a nice job filling in. :) Tell her good luck with the hair cut.

  5. You are a VERY cute pup and that was the very FIRST blog I have ever read that was written by a DOG!!! Good Job!

  6. Biscuit did a great blog writing job today! She is adorable!

  7. You're looking good Biscuit, just about perfect. I agree, tell your Mom and Dad you don't need any fancy grooming yet!

    The way you write, you should do the blog more often too. Maybe you can let us know after you endure the groomer. Just make sure that you leave the groomer a humongous big tip too, that way maybe your Dad won't be so anxious to bring you back again.

  8. Biscuit is waaaaaaay past adorable!!! Why are you cutting her hair? She looks so cute...

  9. Hi Biscuit,
    Misty, 15 year old Poodle here.
    Don't let those groomers talk your Dad into getting you cut down, if you don't want to.

    Just some scissoring will tidy you up real well, and stop your tummy hair and leg hair from getting so dirty. And clipping the hair from bottom of your feet will stop dirt tracking in.

    You are so pretty just as you are, I can't imagine your face being clipped like a Poodle.

    My Mom is a groomer, and she makes me wear a clipped face as I am also a poodle, but I am old, and the hair gets in my toothless old mouth. But you are "Biscuit", and you look like one, just the way you are.

    Your first groom will be pretty scary, kid, but just relax and enjoy it. You can always find a mud puddle to wash off the clean. Then jump on your 'hooman's' bed to dry off.

    Your friend, Misty, TX
    PS. I am going to be featured on Toadily Pets on the 21st.


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