Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Up early again!

My land this up early thing is going to have to stop!  I was awake at 5:30 this morning, but I had not heard my wife take the dog out at 4:30. Thinking she hadn't been out, I got up and took her back out at 6:30.  I think Loyce was asleep, and didn't know I was back outside with her.

Or perhaps she was laughing her behind off in the back bedroom, I don't know.  But Biscuit looked at me like "dad are we going to go play now?"  Well at least I was up now.

Today was another medical day back over to the Doctor's office, and that wipes out most of the day for me.  I just came back home and watched the TV and stuck my nose in the computer.  It got oh so warm this afternoon, at 77 degrees outside officially, and I had 80 on the dash of the car when I drove to Wal Mart to turn in my latest prescription. 80 in January here in Phoenix is really quite warm!

Again, I did not get the cover off of the scooter when I was in the stay at home mode.  Loyce went back over to Wal Mart for me to get the prescription after supper tonight.  She always needs another grocery item, so a trip to Wal Mart is in her book anytime!

I didn't purchase any new watches today or even get tempted by any!  A day without any temptation, but I have worn three different ones during the day.  Kind of like changing your hat or something!

Retired Rod

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  1. Except for the Doctor's visit, sounds like you had a relaxing day. Good for you. I don't know about Biscuit, but Rusty can pee anytime we take him out.


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