Saturday, January 8, 2011

Go Go enjoy!

We have laid around and relaxed during our stay here, and I realize that we mostly haven't had folks to go with.  And that changed today, as we have Brenda and JB.  We had agreed that we were headed out to the Mesa Swap Meet today, but the time was somewhat up in the air.

John likes to go on a long walk with his dog Meg in the morning, but I know he was done with that before we stirred from our rig.  We were up at 5:30 with Miss Biscuit, as she awakens and wants to go out right away.  She will not settle back down after that, but prefers to whine when we want to go back to sleep.

This is when she has learned that if she puts up enough of a fuss, she can come to bed with mommy!  Usually she just sleeps on the foot of the bed and we can all go back to sleep, but today that was a different story, as she needed to lick both of us and never really settled down.

So Loyce ended up getting up and going on her long weight loss power walk, and it got totally quiet so I thought she took Biscuit with her.  Well, not exactly, she put her in the car carrier so I could go back to sleep and it worked.

So when I did finally wake back up, I was in a toot to get cleaned up and have breakfast.  But as it turned out, we met at the Swap Meet about 11:30.

The swap meet is four rows of vendors on boths sides of each aisle.  After the girls went their own way, John and I wandered two of the aisles in both directions.  This took us almost 2 hours.  I have never gone thru all four aisles in one day.

We met back up with the gals, and headed back out to a local Wendy's for some Chicken Nuggets!   Since all RVers make plans about food, or where they are going to have their next meal, we discussed the plans for dinner!  And Brenda wanted to cook a steak dinner at their rig.  Well, I'm not sure, twist my arm!

So later tonight we had the opportunity to go out to the Usery Mountain Regional Park and enjoy the sunset and a wonderful dinner.  The park is such a treat, and usually we aren't able to go in, because they charge a $6 users fee just to enter.  This slows us casual drive thru types, and limits the number of times that we have been there.

But with dinner on the line, we gladly paid up!  And it was quite a treat.  And, as we had learned earlier  in the day, Laurie and Odel of Semi-True Tales of our Life on the Road, were invited as well.  We have read their blog for several years, but have never crossed paths.  So now we had this opportunity as well.

With a little wine, and some great stories, we watched the sun descend over the mountain.  John had a great campfire going in the fire ring, and we began to inch closer to the fire as the air cooled.  But never fear, that was when Brenda rang the dinner bell.

She served up freshly grilled steak, and some garlic shrimp in butter sauce.  These prawns were purchased in Louisiana, about a week ago, and were giant.  Along with some salad and garlic bread, man what a feast.  I went back for seconds!!  It was by far the best meal we have had in over a month!

For desert, she had angel food cake with fresh berries and whipped cream.  Blue berries and raspberries, my absolute favorite!  Umm, Boy!

Then again the stories began, and since we all read each other's blogs, it was like we had known each other all our lives.  Special folks, to be sure!

But as it became 9 PM, RVers midnight, we all began to wind down.  Our baby doggie Biscuit was beginning to act up, so it was necessary to call the party to a halt.  Man those shrimp were good!

Thanks Brenda and John!!!

Retired Rod


  1. That shrimp sounds so good. We love Louisiana shrimp. Friends are the best part of RVing.

  2. I've heard that Brenda can really cook--hope I get to sample some this winter!

  3. Sounds like a great time and an absolutely perfect meal! Those giant Louisiana shrimp sounded pretty tasty!

  4. We have read Laurie and Odie blog for sometime too. I'm so glad you got to meet them. Good company + delicous dinner= priceless

  5. We so enjoyed your company Rod and Loyce.

    We will be seeing you on Monday before we have to leave.

    Take Care


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