Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More medical stuff.

Today was another one of those medical days, so not much got done around the campground.  But at least today we were able to go to the local medical clinic here in East Mesa.  This turned the one hour each way drive to Goodyear, Az, into a ten minute drive and almost longer to find a parking spot that was suitably close.

Our day was cool again and featured a high temperature of 59, with last nights low of 36.  The heaters didn't work nearly as hard last night, and the propane heater has been secured.  It would be nice, if that was it for the season, but that would be wishful thinking I'm sure.

It was sunny all afternoon, and I thought about the bike, but opted for the car to go get a sandwich.  Just too cool for any serious biking.  So not much to report from here in the campground.

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod we are now at the Usery Park we would like to get together with you and Loyce. So let us know when a good time for you two would be.

    Hope to see you soon
    John and Brenda Brown

  2. The propane guys are sure having a banner year in the southwest. It's gotta warm up soon down there - I hope!


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