Monday, January 24, 2011

Wind, and Biscuit is back dirty again!

I see that I have been requested to take another picture of Biscuit with her shorter hair.  And I would too, except that she went out the next morning, and got herself all black almost instantly.  Good bye $40 hair doo!

Today was no exception, as she demanded to go on a walk early in the morning.  Loyce walks several miles in the early morning, and Biscuit can't keep up with that.  So, when she comes back, she then walks Biscuit around the short block that makes up our dog area on this end of the park.  About a half mile.

You are not to take your dog into the part of the park where pets are not allowed, and we have to cross about two blocks of non pet area to get to the North part of Dog Area.  I often carry Biscuit across this no mans land, but Loyce won't do that, so once around this Southeast loop is her normal route.

But the blacktop was resealed, and the black color seems to come off on the dogs as they walk.  If Biscuit was black, you wouldn't notice it, but in white and apricot she just looks black.  It seems to disturb her too, because she sits and licks herself to try and get it off, once she gets home.

We do not want to wash her any more than once a week, and less if we can, so she just has to stay dirty.  That is such a pleasant thought when she wants to get into our bed in the mornings.

Today became a football kind of day, as the wind began to blow about 20 mph in the early morning.  We have high pressure all around us, so I didn't understand where the wind was coming from, but it rattled our slide topper awnings most of the day.

Later in the afternoon, it began to slack off which was my signal to take the scoot out from under its cover and ride for about an hour out into the rural blacktops South and East of us.   I rode for a while, and then stopped into another housing development looking at their models that are available.

This place is a true ownership neighborhood.  You own the lot and the house, and it has few things provided by the developer.  They provide the plantings in the common areas, and some park like areas in the middle of the development, but no common swimming pools or other amenities.  But the deal here is you own your own lot, just like we do back home!

You get a stick built house, but then have to pay property taxes, because it is real estate.  With the manufactured home, it is personal property because it is still considered as a trailer house in this area.  So there you pay personal property taxes.

The big difference is that it is not in a fenced in area with a gate guard, and it is not in an age qualified park, so kids playing in the street is to be expected.  But then we have that at home as well.  The only thing that concerns me with buying a home 1300 miles away from the others, is that we would be gone for at least 8 months a year, or more!  Seems like a candidate to be broken into, and it might be months before anyone knew about it.  See why we have RV's that we take home with us!

Retired Rod


  1. We are always looking at property & house prices while in the Southwest but like you, the distance is just too far to realisticaly buy a second place & then leave it empty for 7 months of the year. We see a lot of really great deals out here right now, but.........

  2. I agree Rod, owning a property so far away from home and used for only a short period each year has a lot of drawbacks to us. Maybe we'll think differently if, or when, we're too crotchety to RV anymore but still want the winter sun!

    Maybe Biscuit should have had black fur instead of white!! I hate to think what Rylie would look like if she had all white fur!

  3. You also would have the two to have someone take care of when you are gone. Grass cutting and so forth. Not for us anymore, we did that for enough years.


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