Sunday, May 22, 2011

McDonalds Fun In Dayton

Today was a repeat of yesterday, only I went to MeDonalds instead of Wendy's to get lunch.  I wasn't nearly as successful at this drive thru.  I ordered only 4 burgers and 4 fries, and three double apple pies.  Simple I thought.

But after giving them the credit card, and getting a receipt, I was told to pull ahead to wait for the bag to be brought out to me.  Ugh, that is not good.  I sat for five minutes, and finally a young worker came out and said they wouldn't be making the apple pies.  What? That's the reason we came to McDonalds instead of Wendy's, so go make some!

Well I sat for another 5 minutes, and the patrons were honking at me to move and giving me the finger when I wouldn't, and things kind of went down hill from there.  I got out and went inside, but could not get anywhere near the counter.......

I gave up and went back outside and got in between the cars and demanded to know where my order was at the drive up window.  I was just standing outside the window, as my car was still pulled up in front blocking everything.  What order?  Why are you blocking my driveway?  Where's your receipt?  We don't have any order for these items.  Did you pay???

They took my receipt and went back into the computer and said I already had my food.  I asked for the manager, and then had to wait again for about another 10 minutes for the $25 order to be made again.  Did they give the food to someone else?  Who knows, but getting lunch for the guys took over an hour and the restaurant is only about a mile away.

Otherwise we had a normal Hamvention day and tomorrow is a wrap up......

I'll report from being on the road to home later in the evening.

Retired Rod


  1. Another reason I stay away from McDonalds, when you get big, the customer service drops like a rock. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  2. We don't go to McDonald's anymore, just for that reason. They always screw something up and are usually very quick to blame everyone but themselves for the mixups.

  3. Not a very McHappy visit, I can tell!!


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