Monday, April 16, 2012

City boy at Tractor Supply

Today I decided that I needed a new floor mat in the back end of the pickup truck.  I had an old carpet that I had purchased for the pickup before this one, and this one is over five years old.

The carpet was dirty and had ground in oil spots among other nasty stuff.  What to do.  I decided that I would go over to Tractor Supply and ask them.

This long tall young fellow came out with his blue jeans and big buckle and a cow boy hat and asked what I wanted????  Ah,  well,   I need a pickup mat.........  You know so stuff doesn't roll all around back there....

Well we don't carry anything like that, but us guys just use a horse stall mat.  Ok, let me see one of those.   We walk all across the store and out into the attached yard where the gates and waterers are stored and over by the fence there is a big pile of black mats.  They were 4 x 6 and looked thick.  Oops that isn't gonna roll up and go in my car.............

So I go after the truck.  Its a city truck ya know, with 4 doors and a short box.  And a grand pa topper on it too.  But I go get it and go back to the store.  This time a different salesman is at the register and I start in explaining about the pickup mat, and he looks puzzled.......  Darned city people......

So I walk around the store looking for the original guy and find him in the back.  Oh, you want a horse mat! So I go back up front and ask for a horse mat for my truck....  Well why didn't you ask for that in the first place?  I paid the $34.95 and he announces over the PA system to load out a horse mat at the North Gate.

And yes I had that much figured out and had already parked out there.  It took two of the guys to pick the mat up and put it in the back of my truck...  Man, how much does that thing weigh?  Oh,  85 pounds......  Holy Cow!  But it fits width wise and is about 3/4 inch thick and is only about 5 inches too long, and I already paid for it..  So I thank them and drive off.

Back here at the house I have to cut off the excess of this mat......The extra five inches.  So out comes the box knife and a steel yard stick and I can't hardly scratch this bugger.....  Its about all I can do to move it a little in the back of the truck.

After dragging the knife across about 20 times, I have finally made an indentation.  And a half hour later, I get it cut off......  One things for certain, this mat won't be loose in the back of the truck and stuff that's on it won't be sliding around any.....

So much for me and tractor supply!  I just wish I didn't come off as so much of a city boy!!!!!! LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Hey, try doing that kind of sh*t in a foreign country! When you actually don't even really *know* what you what, but you know what you want it to do. Oh man.
    I have to say it's easier in German for me than it was in Dutch. Thankfully a lot of the Dutch speak English or I would have been in trouble.
    Fun stuff though.

  2. Well, I'm no city boy but I sure do feel like one many times just as you did. Happens just about every time I have to ask somebody a mechanical or technical question. Things that a man is supposed to automatically know like all the socket wrench sizes, torque pressures, grummel stuff, transmission ratios, amps per watts & watts per wonks. And, how many seeds per acre to grow fish. And, what is a skid-stear anyway. Horse mat for a truck....what's a horse????

  3. We are what we are Rod! A horse mat for the back of the truck??--Mike's Dad has a topper and keeps a garden hoe back there to drag stuff forward which slid around, maybe he needs a horse mat??

  4. I think this is the same mat that we saw and I thought would make good leveler pads, cut into strips the width and length of the two tires on the 5th wheel. Suggested this to my son, he did some research and found an article about people doing just this. So much for an original idea!

  5. We have a rubber bed liner (that's not horse talk) for our pickup.Things just don't slide on it and even big bags of potting soil stay put. Go to auto parts store to ask for sources.


  6. Yea i bought one of those and had my subura forester rolled it up and put it in the back of the car, man was it heavy did not know it was 85 pounds. used it for a new sheald for my big tractor grass cutter cut three strips off it.

    1. Hi Author,

      I really appreciate you for all the valuable information that you are providing us through your blog.


  7. Maybe they just keep those horse mats for trucks for you 'city fellas' that wander in. I'll bet there back at the store telling some 'thigh slapping' stories about some guy buying a horse mat who doesn't even own a horse!!


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