Friday, April 6, 2012

No more news from Az!

All was quiet around here today, because the realtor lady down in Arizona has the 4 day weekend off for Easter..  That removed my contact for what is going on over on the build site.....  Hopefully they will continue to make progress because they only get paid when they are working..........  The subcontractors that is.

I feel confident that things will be completely OK down there because I never did see any work, on any of the houses being built, that was sub par.  Once explained for me, everything made perfect sense.  Years ago I used to work for a builder, but up in Iowa where construction is ruled by the fact that the ground is going to freeze.  The way things are done in the desert is completely different.

Around here is was overcast and quite cold today with noon time temps in the 50s... It did make the low 60s for an hour or two, but we are to be back into the 30s by tomorrow morning.  The motorscooter was hidden in the garage all day.

And as many other bloggers are reporting, it was time to dig into that big box of mail again looking for all the stuff it takes to make a tax return.  And some of it is definitely missing so perhaps I will only be doing an extension.   But the state of Kansas doesn't do extensions, so I will have to do a preliminary return and then amend it later.......  That's going to be the pits....

Tonight I have piles of paper work all over the house, so I will have to stay focused until I see the job thru...

This blog was typed entirely on the new blogger client interface.  I have resisted all temptations to change back to the older more familiar dashboard.  If it is going to be gone in a few days, then it may as well be gone now!  And since I am using Linux as an operating system, Microsoft's live writer is not an option either.  There are some Linux based writers, but when ever I have played with them, I soon realize that bloggers writer is still the better option.  I know that doesn't seem possible, but it is......

Retired Rod


  1. If I can drag Jim off the lake we'll try and slip over and take a picture or two for you guys. I always hated amended returns. People always have so much trouble figuring out what to put on what line. Good luck with that.

  2. No news is good news, I guess! I'm lucky as I can procrastinate until Apr. 30th for our income tax returns - and, I intend to!


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