Friday, April 13, 2012


OK, now that I have offended all the people that live and work in Texas by saying that my wife doesn't like to go to Texas, lets see if I can get into trouble even deeper....

We have no trouble going thru Texas on the way to Arizona, and actually kind of enjoy Dalhart, well except for the smell.......  So North Texas is fun.  We enjoy Amarillo, except that they got 4 feet of hail yesterday.  We had fun going to Palo Duro Canyon, and my grand dad actually owned some dry land out by Friona.....

We have wintered in Texas and have come back to Texas after being in Arizona for several springs, but what I think bothers Loyce is anytime we get next to the Mexico border.  I think she is uneasy the closer we get to being able to cross into Mexico.  Spanish is not a language that she had any formal schooling in, so its the unknown.

And its not just Texas, we seem to be uneasy in the Southern part of Arizona as well.  Remember she isn't too fond of Yuma either.....  And if I ask her, she would just say I don't like it.  That's all.  I'm not too sure that the news media helps this much, and also the late night shows about the border wars showing the drugs coming into our country and illegal border crossings.

Also, we have lived most of our married life in the smaller cities of the Midwest.  But in those cities   we have been in urban neighborhoods.  So home owner associations are most of what we know.  We have never lived out in the country or away from the modern conveniences of shopping like JoAnn Fabrics and Wal Mart.  Or the local quilt shoppes.

Going out into the country is for Vacation!  You know, head out to the park or something like that, for a day or two.  But even that had better have a big grocery store within a few miles....

We are on the Southern edge of KC here in the Olathe/Overland Park area, where I can ride my scooter off into the rural roads at the drop of a hat, right after I pass the nearby Wal Mart..

So all of that influences our choice of the county line residential area down between Mesa and Apache Junction.  We are actually in Mesa, and Maricopa County, for taxes and police coverage but can toss a stone into Pinal County South of Apache Junction.  So its out of the city so to speak, but not far enough to be rural.   And there are oodles of houses together so that we feel more secure.

Also, since we will not be there much of the time, we didn't want to be isolated without neighbors.  So choosing this housing complex works for us, even though they won't like our RV.  But then RVing has become more difficult for me now anyway with my special needs because of my health.

So I hope that makes some sense.....  But believe me we don't just categorically hate Texas.  It just isn't my wife's first choice.....  There now am I out of trouble or did I dig my way in deeper?

Retired Rod


  1. *sigh*.
    I'm probably preaching to the converted here, but you of course DO realise that most nights it best to just turn off the damned TV? The American Media to me is like seeing the circus coming to town. It's something you don't really want to take too seriously. Unless it's some sort of weather warning, and you can get that from a radio.
    Getting oneself out of that "cocoon", if I could call it that, is an evolutionary process.
    Here's an example:
    20 years ago, my wife would get nervous when we drove in Toronto. Too busy. Too scary. Whatever.
    Nowadays, I can be bookin' it up the Autobahn in Germany (where there are still sections with no speed limits) at over 200, (let me put that into mph, and we'll call it 125) and she's not even paying attention! She's on her computer or texting or whatever. Not a care in the world.
    That sense of calmness just sort of evolved. Same with travel. I can't be there to hold her hand. She just goes. Never mind fretting about Spanish, we have a few languages here in Europe. The only one she speaks at all is Slovenian, and she never goes there on business.
    But, your best bet at this point is to modify your choices so that you are in your comfort zone. Does the "need" for adventure outweigh the "need" for peace of mind? That, I suppose is the question.
    I mean, we've been all over Europe, but there are still some places like say Albania, that we'd never even consider. Don't care how "beautiful" it is. Aint' gonna do it.
    Stay healthy and take it a day at a time.

    1. Bob. I have the need for adventure "BAD", but the wife has the need for peace of mind and security. We seem to never agree on what path to take.....

  2. Well, now I understand why Sierra Vista was out of the running. Everyone has their comfort zones which is a good thing or the whole darned bunch of us would be concentrated in one megapolis of an area'. The border thing is definately a reality. For us, it's about scenery, amongst other things, & that's why we have always preferred winter months in the southwest mountainous States of New Mexico, Arizona & California. All depends on where one's priorities are I guess. And, it's important for one to feel safe & secure for one to feel at home.......

  3. I truly empathize with you, I remember years and years ago when Donna & I first got married, we lived in a subdivision in St Louis County and it was 15 minutes to work for me 30 for Donna.Then we decide to move to the country. Dardenne Prairie, who ever heard of it, Only about 600 folks on the population sign at the end of town, which was a village at the time, not a city.Get this no Pizza delivery, one McDonalds in 10 square miles from the house, No wonder the guys I worked with on the PD called it the Weeb Ranch, I remember them saying next thing you know you'll need a John Deere and a diesel pickup.It all worked out for the best I guess. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Great explanation, Rod - makes perfect sense to me. Paulette feels the same as Loyce about comfort zones and never wants to get too far from 'civilization'. As for Texas? I'll leave it to the Texans!

  5. butterbean carpenterApril 13, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    I sure am glad you explained about Loyce not liking Texas because of the pinko media!! There are places I won't go in Texas, too, also; Hoostun, San Antonio, Dallas(that's where my kids & grandkids live)(I call it the POISON- PLEX)!!! I can agree with the wonderful country air in & around Dalhart, most of the Panhandle, but that's where your rib-eyes come from!! If folks would get off those SUPER-SLABS they'ed get to see the real Texas and meet the REAL Texans; not just the passers-thru and immigrants.. We'd love to have y'all stop by the RunningStar Ranch, see our miniature horses, have a cup of cowboy coffee and do a little chin wagglin' with us... We've plenty of room, no matter what you're driving, pulling or hauling!! As the old song goes 'Give me 40 acres..' well we've more than that!!!


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