Monday, April 2, 2012

Lazy Sunday....

Boy it made 84 today and the AC has been working overtime.  The windows in this house are mostly the kind that don't open up, so not starting the AC isn't in the cards.  Seems awfully early to be running the AC but then I think the two story house would swelter without it.

Last year when we had those days of over 100, even with the AC running full tilt, the upstairs was hard to sleep in.  We could move to the new basement this year now that we have carpet and a bathroom down there........  Hum,   a thought to ponder.....

I was up and at em before the 8 AM bell this morning, but since it was Sunday, I waited until after 9 to go out and start the mower.  First the two cycle push job around the foundation and perimeter of the yard for trimming.  And if that doesn't get a flower pot tossed at me from the neighbors upper windows then its time to start ole John Deere....   It was about 9:30 by then.

So quick work of the yard kept me out of the 80s while I ran the mowers....  Later this year we will be praying for it to get down in the 80s so I need to get my blood thinned out some.

Not much else happened around here other than riding the little red Kymco scooter over to my son's house for a while this afternoon to see the grand kids and family.  We were messing around out in the street while the kids were playing but it got a bit hot out in the sun, so I had to head back home.

I should have started on those taxes, but procrastination is a terrible thing and it has set in here big time.    But it is now April, and they have to be completed, so I will need to get over that...........

Happy April Fools Day!  Hope no one pulled any big pranks on you!

Retired Rod


  1. We truly don't miss mowing the yard. Even with a Deere. We had 93 on Saturday and only 73 yesterday. Had to turn on the heat this morning and we'll need the air by the end of the week. Crazy.

  2. It's only 45F here this morning and just a bit chilly to be out cutting the lawn.

    Instead, I did another miserable job - loading TurboTax software on my computer!

    I'm not sure which is worse - cutting the grass or doing our taxes. Wait - I do know - it's taxes for sure!


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