Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working on the Cable TV wiring, and Pics from Az.

What the heck did I do with today?  Well.................  I fixed on Loyce's TV in the bedroom....  Seems that she wasn't on the cable channels that we restarted at the first of the month.  So with some reprogramming of the TV and a call to the cable company to check and see if she had the extended basic and so forth I think she is back in business.

Then I decided to rewire the cable box with a bypass so she can watch the native cable without the box. They have a bunch of HD channels that come in without the box.  But the guy on the phone didn't really want me to know that.  "Oh,  you can see some of that with your cable ready TV..... Not all TVs will do that....."   Well guess what buster, mine do!!  And I have several brands of TVs too.  They just won't tell you that so you will rent one of their expensive boxes...

Gets me hot just telling you about it.....  Cable is a rip off......!!!

Anyway I was out and about with the red scooter looking for cable splitters and ended up in Wal Mart's stuff on cards in the TV section.

Oh, I was emailing the folks down in Mesa again over the security system, and we are not any farther along than we were.  Realtor gal keeps telling me its OK, but can't get anyone else to be onboard with that...    She sent some pictures....

Back yard is about 25 feet deep, so with a few bushes and stuff around the fence wall, there might be room for a tree or two.   

She isn't supposed to go into the house while the workers are there, and the plumbers were starting on their part of the rough in.  So just pics from the back slider where the little patio is.  And I do mean little.  Its about 10 by 10....  Grill will have to be in the back yard in order to have room to sit out there.

It will still have a lot more room than the RV park lot, and it will be ours, so getting kicked out mid season because it is rented to someone else won't be a problem again.

Perhaps about 2 and a half more months and we will be looking like a home......

Retired Rod


  1. Rod can you tell me a little more about your house and where it is located. Is it where you can park your RV next to it? Sherri and I have thought about doing something like this at our lake lot but not sure what we want to do yet...or where. Maybe sale ours and find a neighbor hood that is all RVers and houses??

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Wow that house is coming along very nicely.

    I am also curious. Will you be able to park the MH on your lot?

    Take Care

  3. Okay- we need better directions. We headed over that way on Saturday and drove around and around and around and around and never did find your house. The address you gave me in the e-mail led us to a two story house with people already living in it. Glad she finally sent you some pictures.


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