Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So how's that going to work?

Again it was a weird day on the telephones to Arizona today.  It seems that we are either waiting for, or talking to, those folks all day long.  They have changed security system providers, and in mid stream we have a contract for the old system and those folks can no longer provide service.

They have moved from the Phoenix area.  We can't get their equipment if we want it.  But their home office out in the East has decided to give us the run around on the contract for service we signed saying that we can't get out of the payments for the next three years...........?

"Let's see, we have to pay for a product that you can't provide?"   "Yes you do!"  a young customer service representative told me this afternoon.    I countered with the comment that she didn't really think I would make such a payment did she............?

Then the job foreman called and informed us that we had to be there to overlook things a week from Friday........  The 13th of April.........  Loyce took that call.......   I called our realtor and sales lady in the builder's front office to confirm and see if we couldn't get a few more days since they didn't give us much notice.

She called the foreman wanting to know what was up and he denied that he had made such a request to Loyce.......  claiming that we wouldn't be needed for three or more weeks...............  What?

And on top of that, I received conflicting emails to the whole phone conversations.........  Heck, we don't know what we are to do now.............!

Then we found that the condensate drip on our AC in the basement here in the KC house was plugged and had run water all over our floor in the basement.  And even had a corner of our new carpet wet...  It has been overwhelmingly humid this last couple of days.

So the furnace had to come apart this afternoon about supper time while the rusticle plugs were cleared from the drip trays and plastic hoses over to the drain.   I think I have that running free now......  But it will have to be watched fairly carefully in the next few days.......

Lets hope all of this gets resolved in the next few days, or we will have no choice but to return to Arizona in an emergency mode.    Oh, they did say that the rough in of the wood structure would be officially complete tomorrow, or today as you read this.

That  means all the windows are now in the building and the roofing paper is on the roof.  Next up are the trades as they call them.  Plumbers, electricians and hvac folks.  Once all of that is complete and they begin to hang insulation we will have to go back for the open wall walk thru.  And I would bet that will be in the next three weeks or so.

Perhaps the foreman's time line won't be all that far off in the long run anyway.

Retired Rod


  1. I don't understand why you'd have to be there to "overlook" things a week from Friday. Isn't that why you have a General Contractor?
    Hold back 10%, and if it's not done to your satisfaction, they don't get the money. At least that's the way I would have worded the deal. Does he expect you to come up with a punch list at that point? I just don't understand.
    The security company could go pound sand as far as I'm concerned. "Take me to court" would be my first instruction. What a bunch of boneheads.

  2. Unbelieveable....Keep your chin up! It will all work out...

  3. Sounds like running back and forth will be a big expense,to bad you don't know someone you can grant a power of attorney for this project and he and you can confer by phone and e-mail.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. I'd certainly tell that security company what they could do with their bill. And it wouldn't be pretty. What a lot of miscommunication on the part of your builder. Hope you can figure out when you need to be here again.

  5. What a lot of hassle. It must be tiring for you as I get tired just reading all the things you have to do.

    As for the phone company, I agree "no tickee, no washee'!!


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