Sunday, April 8, 2012

Holiday Weekend

I'm worthless today as I didn't have the drive to work on the taxes at all.  I did work on picking up all the papers that were strewn all over our kitchen and hearth room.  It was a mess and Loyce was trying really hard to put up with it.

I asked her if she wanted to take over on the job  but she just said, yeah right!  So she went and picked up our two grand daughters so their mommy could go to work.  I never asked what Ben had planned, but grandma doesn't mind at all.

So between playing with the kids and watching stuff on TV and the internet, that was our day....

Tonight I watched the Catholic Mass from the Basilica in Washington DC.  It was the full candle lighting service and it was quite beautiful.  We are not Catholic, but still the pageantry of their service for Easter one of the most striking worship services you will see.

So with that, I hope you are with your family and loved ones on this Holiday and pass on the wish that you have a:    

                                 HAPPY EASTER 

Retired Rod


  1. Happy Easter Rod & Loyce, Donna being the accountant in our family, does the taxes here. Am I Lucky or what, some guys just live right, although I sat at the table while she was finishing them up and after a cold High Life, I signed them. No Problem. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Happy Passover and today Happy Easter...It has been sunny and windy the past two days, we feel trully blessed..March was the rainiest, windiest and snowiest that has ever occured in this part of the of the Pacific Northwest! The lack of sunshine annually makes the people here really get nasty and when the sun finally appears it is scorching hot and humid go figure..Love your blog, I was raised roman catholic never go to that church have not since I was 19 and became an Episcopalian, not attending any church functions, to me a religious holiday is everyday when many hunger for food, jobs, a place to call a home whatever that maybe and domestic violence. Volunteering has shown me what america is all about, so we celebrate daily, hubby is retired, has a new part time job, me I work at a non profit for health care benefits, my boss is my 2nd grade girl friend..only 3 get health care, my girl friend, her hubby, and me..I feel very blessed, we have a home, 4 cats no one ever wanted, and a grown daughter who is the light, love of our lives, unfortunately she lives 4,000 miles away in the big apple, NYC, but travels near about 9 or 10 times a year and we zoom up to see and be with her, she is our holiday each and everyday, peace, joy and love to you from an old hippie and her hubs and baby girl too (all grown up now)XXX()()()()()

  3. Happy Easter to you, Loyce and all your family - including Biscuit, of course!

  4. Happy Easter to you, Loyce and family.

    Hey can you come up here and do our taxes too. lol. I mean what are friends for.

    Love ya

  5. Have a joyous Easter you guys. Be sure Biscuit gets a little special something today too.


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