Saturday, April 14, 2012

Working at my son's house.

For the last several days, I have been going over to my son Chris and DIL Melissa's house to help in their big cleanup and remodel of the kitchen and downstairs after their midnight accident.  They had the ice maker in their fridge give out and caused the kitchen to flood.

It had been running for several hours when they found it in the middle of the night.  Their kitchen floor was made of wood, which promptly buckled, and the ceiling in the basement was  suspended and the tiles were soaked and fell out.  It was a mess!

So for the last several days I have been helping re do the ceiling.  The service pro folks had been hired by the insurance company to help clean up, so all the old tile had been removed to the curb.  And after several days of the big fans running mostly it is now dry.

So Chris and I have been cutting all the new tiles that are not used in full size and mounting the light fixtures and stuff as the room comes back to shape.  Also the walls had holes knocked into them to allow the insides to dry out as well.  And later this afternoon I was re taping the wall board and fixing the holes.

These holes are under the new baseboard that will have to be installed.  Its a big remodel job because you never know where to stop as you renew the interior decorations.  So that has captivated my time and sent me home quite tired at night.

I left Chris as he was rehanging the bathroom sink.  The new floor was about a half an inch thicker than the old, so everything had to come off the wall and be moved.  Its kind of hard to shave off some of the porcelain pedestal that sits on the floor..........

Of course when they get all done, their house will seem newer and nicer.  A silver lining in the anguish of water damage.

We were hoping to have a call from the folks down in Arizona about how our house is coming along.  But as usual, they have so many irons in the fire keeping all of us happy, that we never heard one word....   But they work Saturdays and some on Sundays so the project will march right along.

Its just a matter of time now and we will have to return to Arizona for the open wall inspection, so the dry wall can be installed and the house closed up with doors that will lock at night.

Retired Rod



  1. Sorry to hear of your sons damage, the old if it's not one thing it's another. Good thing you have the ability and talent to help out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Geez, what a mess!!! Didn't know ice makers could cause such a mess!

  3. What a mess is right. It's just one of those things that you can't do much to stop. At least they weren't away for the entire day. I'm sure you're son really appreciated all your help.

  4. It's a mess now, but I have to believe that when the house is all finished and they've been living in it fo few years that the catastrophes that happen now will become family stories that eventually achieve status as warm and fuzzy memories of your kicking in the help when they needed it.
    cheers, Peter,

  5. oh what a mess, hope to see your next blog with refurbished kitchen.

  6. Total mess, Have patience & things will get back to normal ASAP.


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