Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A damaged tree in the Neighbor's yard

Not much excitement around here today, as we were still cool but the wind finally went away..  But sometime last night in the big wind my neighbor's tree in the back yard broke off about two feet above the ground.

It just snapped off like something had hit it.  But nothing was around.  It was a Maple tree, and they are notorious for being soft.  We also have a Maple tree about half way across our back yard from where the broken tree is.  So I fully expected ours to be down too but it was fine.  Our tree has more red in its leaves, so it is a different type of Maple, and perhaps that made the difference.  These trees are about 5 inches in diameter.

This afternoon I was cleaning out some of the basement after our big construction remodel from last year.  I was never able to do much after all the surgeries, so it still needs attention.  We are having the neighborhood cleanup put your junk on the curb day this Saturday, and boy do we have junk that could be tossed!

I see it is to get much hotter down in Arizona starting this weekend.  Temps might reach the century mark by Sunday....  Really, in April?  When we have to go back?

Retired Rod


  1. Yes - it's hot, hot, hot. Welcome back to AZ. Hopefully we'll get to see you guys while you're here. Our park is a PA park if you're interested in staying here.

  2. 100F is definitely a bit too hot for comfort. I sure wouldn't mind a few days of it though as it's still unseasonably cold here.

  3. snow, snow snow and more snow need I say more.


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