Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fixing the reservation and Arizona summer.

This morning as soon as the office opened up at the Valle Del Oro RV Resort, I was up at their doorstep with the motorscooter.....  At first no one seemed to want to help me as I was passed around from counter person to counter person, but finally the regular lady that always helps me came out and started to fix things.

She found a little envelope that contained the money that I had given the gate guard and passed it back over to me...  There, now lets just start over!  You want to stay here for a week starting last Friday?  She gave me the Passport America Rate which saved a bit of money.  I think that made up for the fact they will take $50 from my $250 reservation for next winter, and we will have to wait for corporate in California to send it to us in Kansas.....

So I got $140 back in cash, and paid $195 in credit card payment for 8 days.  Also I will owe electric charges when we leave, and if it continues to be over 100 degrees, that could be substantial...  But at least I know that I used the power, so it doesn't seem so bad to have to pay for that.

Once back here at the coach, I concentrated on some of the usual RV chores of draining tanks and packing things differently.  We still have a bunch of stuff to get into the trailer from last winter, but with both the pickup and the utility trailer, we could take almost everything in the RV if we wanted to.

It began to get really hot so I rode the scooter around the park at slow speeds so I didn't need all the ripstop jackets and pants.  I stopped and talked with a fellow camper that has been here since last October.  He bought a park model and has been remodeling it.  Of course I had to have the tour.

By then the temperatures were reaching our 102 high, that we kept for about 4 hours today.  Its hot, but not as unbearable as yesterday.  Maybe I am becoming more used to it but still we are not moving to Arizona full time with the new house, especially not for the summers, when it is much cooler in the Midwest.....

Not sure that anything else was noteworthy other than we talked to the realtor lady again today and we are to go see her again tomorrow.  Nothing new happened on the house today, as there seems to be a shortage of stucco folks now.  With this influx of new homes, I guess they are very busy.

And for Sandra up in Ontario, yes the home will have that adobe look with the stucco concrete outside walls, but will not be nearly as thick.  Old adobe was often 18 inches thick to keep out the sun and the heat.  Adobe was essentially clay mud and straw that was made into bricks and cured in the summer sun.  I'm sure that the stucco will have better durability.  But then remembering the adobe restaurant we were in at Messilla, Nm, I think it was about 200 years old and made out of adobe.  It was cracked and repaired, but still very much so standing!!

Summer is well under way here in Arizona......

Retired Rod


  1. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I am glad you got your reserves straightened out.

    It is still to hot there for me and I don't think I would get used to it. It went to 24C here yesterday and I was way to hot in the sun lol.

    Take Care

    1. Brenda, I'm not sure we got down to 24 C last night!

  3. We haven't made it to 24C here on Vancouver Island yet! That stucco job should look nice when it's all done.

  4. Just don't landscape with gravel all 'round. That stuff radiates heat! (Doesn't use water, of course, but it's not the best for that climate.)



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